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Phils Game Music Similarities #40 - Blues Shadow



as a way to round off the Uematsu run I have currently going I'd like to introduce one more comparison I have up my sleeve, again from Final Fantasy VI. It concerns the theme of Shadow, the elusive ninja who doesn't like operas but appearently likes train rides:

There is a track, "Blues Instrumental", by the band Jethro Tull from their 1988 album "20 years of Jethro Tull" that caused a bell ringing inside me when I heard it. I admit that this is not what you can consider a perfect match, merely reminiscent. Without context, one could consider it to be a slower remix of the Shadow theme. But I still think it can provide a basis for further exploration:

Heat reaches peak. Head's about to leak.

Phil out


Update 19/07/2019: Ok, I saw that video by UncannyX. Seems like the more likely candidate is the title theme of the 60s western tv show "The Virginian":

Update 16/01/2022:

A challenger has appeared: 

Gabriel Fauré : Sérénade Toscane, op. 3 n°2

This one has a very similar curvature. Only the last three notes differ in pacing:

Rossini - l'Italiana in Algeri: Languir per una bella

It seems the progression might be of italian origin.

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