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Cadence of Hyrule Review


Some people say Cadence of Hyrule is the best spinoff zelda has ever had. And to that I say, wrong. This game is so GLORIUS, so AWESOME, and so zelda-goodness, that calling it a spinoff, is just wrong. So, it's obvious that I really like the game, but just how much? Let's see. *clap* *clap* GAME REVIEW

ok, so before we actually start reviewing, heres a bit of a disclamer with my scoring system, it's not to scale. So say, if you scaled a 12/15 up to a percentage, it would be an 80, but that's not neccesarily accurate. No, it's more like this: 15(one of the best games ever) 14(a truely amazing game) 13(A great game) 12(a good game, pretty solid) 11(it's ok, but just ok) 10(not that great, but has some fairly solid parts) 9(the whole game is just meh) 8(I straight up don't lik it) 7(I REALLY don't like it) 6(I think I'll uninstall this game) 5(This game sucks) 4(I absolutely hate this game) 3(one of the worst games ever) 2(I've become an agitated person because of this game) 1(worst game ever) 0(I have some personal beef with this game and hate the developer's guts. Naturally, this is where I'd put fortnite on this review scale, as kids at school bullied me for not liking it. #summer is the best)

ok, now that that's out of the way, let's get reviewing. As we know, zelda has some awesome music, especially the main theme. And as we know, brace yourself games' crypt of the necrodancer is a game where you have to move to the beat of the music, and therefor, has straight up AMAZING music. So, nintendo licensed brace yourself games to make cadence of hyrule, a 2D zelda game with the mechanics and some characters of crypt of the necrodancer. And the best part is, it just FEELS right. Putting together the gameplay of these to games honestly feels more zelda than actual 2D zelda. It's just good. It feels good. The gameplay is good. The controls feel strange at first, but you get used to the real fast, and they're good. Along with the amazing music, there's a beat box in the backround, and that's what you move to. It's a bit dissapointing to know you're not moving to every NOTE at first, but I think if that happened, we'd be going insane with how unplayable this game would be, so I'm glad they took this path instead.

Many of you may not know, but I actually much prefer 2D zelda to 3D zelda. Just everything about 2D zelda feels RIGHT, and every time I've picked up ocarina of time or majora's mask or twilight princess, I haven't had much fun with 3D zelda(with the exception of BOTW, and even then I had some bad moments), the controls didn't work much for me(maybe it's because I was using my keyboard I dunno), but the progression especially got me every time. I just couldn't move forward. These problems were in 2D zelda games aswell, but at smaller scales. It took me FOREVER to find the book of mudora in link to the past, WHILE using a guide, and in the original zelda, I'm having trouble figuring out WHERE TO GO in this one dungeon I'm trying to navigate, because I can't find the boss anywhere. Cadence? Nuh uh. The game helps you get through really well. It's a linear path to the area where you choose to wake up either link or zelda to play as through the game, but you can switch to the other character or cadence later on. From there you just gotta find the 4 dungeons. I had trouble finding them at first, but eventually I became smart and found out the symbols for them on my map. YEAH. IT JUST TELLS YOU WHERE THEY ARE. Oh but that does not take the fun out of it. It's still hard to navigate to them, and when you get to them, there are occasions when you still can't enter without getting something first. And there are multiple paths to the dungeons, depending on what gear you have. You often lose that gear when you die, and have to find it again, or you can use diamonds, an all new form of currency, to buy things WHEN you die, because you can do that. You lose your rupies when you die, but not diamonds, and you can use those to buy items to use for proggression, and to uncover secrets like pieces of heart. When you die, you can teleport to any sheika stone that's been activated, and they're all around hyrule, which basically means the save stations are very fair. The ability to fast travel is gained very early on, but I wouldn't advise you use it to often, because the long route is funner, but that doesn't mean having the option is bad. Quite the opposite actually, it's awesome, and the game would be worse without it.

Dungeons. Dungeons Dungeons Dungeons. One thing to say about them: VERY. GOOD. DESIGN. Or should I say, not design. See, once you get to them, or meet all the requirements for entry(for example, finding all the gears to lowerr a bridge so you can cross to get to the dungeon.), the actual dungeon part, with enemies and keys, is randomly generated. However, they all have consistent things in them. A mini shop that's INSIDE THE DUNGEON by the way, meaning enemys can go inside it, with varying items(also, the shop keepers are heavily implied to be from the crypt of the necrodancer world, zapped to hyrule just like cadence was), and it also has a locked door, multiple keys, and areas that spawn hordes of enemies but other enemies can't follow you in. The location of keys are varied. Sometimes they're for sale at the shop, sometimes they're hidden in a block you have to dig up, sometimes they're in a chest, sometimes they're the reward for beating a horde of bad guys. When you get the key and go through the locked door, you fight a mini boss of sorts. You have to go beat these randomly generated areas twice, and then you fight the boss of the dungeon. Now, I'll be honest, the bosses are the only part of the game that I may have some minor distaste for. I didn't mention this yet, but this game is HARD. Like, really hard. I ussually don't have taste for hard games, but this game does it so well I'll make an exception for all but the bosses. BUT, EVEN THEN, you can ussually scower the dungeon for supplies you need to fight the boss, because the more stuff the better, and you NEED this stuff to beat the boss, meaning you really AREN'T just flailing yourself at the boss over and over, your choosing to, because even then it's possible to be prepared.

There's a farie in this game to act as a tutorial in this game whenever you see something new. But it's not like navi or even ta'al. It's text is quick, and it only pops up when there is something, like, REALLY new. Not just slightly, like a new enemy type, but major stuff, like the first time you open your map. and you can turn them off at any time. Cadence shows up in caves around the map, and they give u tips and goodies. It's nice. Enemies are neat, there movement and attacks move to the beat just as much as you do, so when there's a harder enemy, it's certainly not from speed. Speaking of speed, it takes 2 beats to get past one space of water, because in real life you always move slower in water. THE DETAILS!(although it is kind of annoying, it makes sense, and you don't pass through water much anyway, so I'm just nitpicking). Also, there's an easier mode where you can move freely instead of with the beat, incase you don't like the movement in this game, and if you beat all the enemies in an area, the music is more serene, and you can move freely like in that easier mode(it seems that the movement is reserved for fight sequences.) Anyway, this game's interactions are amazing.

The art is neat. Nowadays, all 2D games nowadays are either 2.5D from bigger studios, a flat sort of drawing look, or 8 bit. So seeing gba/snes graphics nowadays is awesome, and brace yourself games freaking NAILED it.

The music is awesome. The themes played when theres no enemies, or your underground are good and functional, but they don't stick with you. The boss themes are truely great, but you'll find yourself forgetting them some of them. But this is still a crypt of the necrodancer game, and a zelda game, meaning there is amazing music. That music is the overworld theme when there's enemies around. They're absolutely catostrophically AMAZING. You'll hum them not long after you finish playing, and they get stuck in your head which is not a bad thing at ALL. Just... remember to leave at least one enemy alive so that it doesn't change to a more serene theme

1 more thing is multiplayer. Despite my absolute love for multiplayer(It's funner to be with friends then alone), I haven't played the multiplayer in this game, but I can talk about it by stuff I saw on the treehouse presentation. Multiplayer is mostly just the same game but with 2 players, except for the fact that to respawn your teammate when they die, you have to go touch the nearest shieka stone. Not much, but it's really nice and I'm not complaining about it in the slightest.

So the story is.... uh... ok I wasn't paying much attention, but basically what I can make out is that people from the crypt of the necrodancer world are ending up in hyrule, and this guy octavo took over hyrule castle and to enter you have to defeat the 4 champions in each dungeon. That's all I can work out because I forgot what was shown in the first cutscene lol

So, this game is great. Amazing. I didn't just like it, I loved it, and since I actually do these reviews before I beat these games, I will continue loving it until I beat it. I believe the game is relitively short, but the way it's designed I will certainly be playing it twice, maybe in the 2 player mode. Cadence of hyrule is my FAVORITE zelda game, and I mean zelda GAME, not spin-off, GAME. Because I don't care what people say, this is no spin-off game. This is every bit as equal as a zelda game, if not MORE(which I think it is), than a link to the past, and it deserves to be recognized as such. I give cadence of hyrule - crypt of the necrodancer FT the legend of zelda a 15/15. This game is so great I'm considering picking up the original crypt of the necrodancer some time soon. (also I've worked out it's timeline placement, it's after link between worlds but before the original legend of zelda. Change my mind)

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