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Phils Game Music Similarities #39 - Kijestal Tower


Featuring Final Fantasy III and Sergei Prokofiev.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as a quasi-follow up to last weeks Terra, today's topic is the song "Crystal Tower" from its predecessor Final Fantasy III (1990), the song that plays in the very last dungeon. You should have had a good change memorizing it after you have died there, like, the 351th time:

There is a note sequence in Sergei Prokofiev's Lieutnant Kijé suite (1933), more specifically in the "Romance" section, that reminds me heavily of this sequence. In fact, it feels like a slightly trimmed version of it during the end (Note: The motif is used repeatedly throughout the song with slight variations. Maybe you can find an even better match.):

The heat in my room is pressing heavily on my abilty to sleep and hear music. Wonder if I'll have to move outside.

Phil exhausted.

Update 20/07/2020:

An earlier and maybe slightly better match with the "Wolga Song" from Franz Lehár's opera "The Tsarewitch" from 1927:

Update 20/02/2021:

An interesting addition from Tsukasa Ito - "Morning Kitchen" (1981), a KayŨkyoku song:

Update 30/05/2021:

Saeko Suzuki - "Nightmare" (1984):

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