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(Smash Master Core Blueprints)



(Smash Bros)-(Master Core) This is my secret character why doesn’t Smash have their own character anyway? I always wanted to play as Master Hand and Crazy Hand there are now 4 new bosses I drew a picture it’s not as polished as my others though. I combined all 6 of them with Master Core in the middle controlling all of them I had to shrink them down to size drastically should be about Bowser’s size and they are much weaker in this form. I will explain where they are and their abilities you should use all of them throughout their regular Ground and Aerial Attacks. Since they are the creators of Smash Bros they have lots of cloned Normal Attacks since they can transform into them as (Master Shadow). I had difficulty making room for (Master and Crazy Hand) for moves they are really small compared to the others but they are a part of them still almost have to have them there. No colors or back view if anything the “Swarms” color will be changed.



<(The Masters)>


(Master Edges) 5 Scimitar shaped blades should be floating above they have the most range and fastest attack speed of the 5 but weakest and (Master Beast) can use them to increase their damage. All 5 should be floating above (Master Giant) only wields them when attacking with them. This was the hardest to draw because theres no clear image on their exact form. They're basically broken scimitars and the one in the middle looks like that just for design if they face 1 direction they should look like the rest.

(Master Giant) Is the strongest of the 5 dealing high single hit damage he is their arms and the primary attacker he has (Master Core) in his chest. He is used mostly for Smash Attacks and can wield (Master Edges) to increase his range he can only use 1 or 2 at a time if he dual wields. He does not have to hold (Master Edges) all the time like my photo his arms should be relaxed not flexing all the time.

(Master Beast) Is their legs he is the 2nd strongest he uses defensive and movement Special Moves usually Up Specials since he’s their legs.

(Master and Crazy Hand) I combined their section since they use combination attacks. They float on both sides in the direction your facing (Master Hand) on the right (Crazy Hand) on the left. I tried very hard to find a place for them but the others have it covered and their very small compared to the rest so I could only see them used with grabs and throws which is very sad they were here first yet have the lowest amount of moves I tried really hard but I must move on. I was seriously considering and still could remove them from this character and add them to the Sandbag item they look like a good fit should be able to control it only issue no feet.

(Master Core) Controls everybody inside (Master Giant’s) chest but if you dodge he can absorb them briefly to avoid attacks. He’s basically their heart or puppeteer so he is basically attacking all the time by using them. As they take damage his color turns from green to orange then red at high damages just like in the game.

(All) As they take damage the "Swarm" and their spirit auras become more unstable like when their at low health in the game.


(Statistics) Each will have separated Attack stats. (Master Giant) 150%, (Master Beast) 130%, (Master Edges), 110% and (Master and Crazy Hand) 100%. Defense is 130% should have the same jump height as Bowser and Donkey Kong's horizontal speed.


<(Special Moves)>


(Neutral)-(Beast Chomp) Charges before (Master Beast) chomps opponents in front Strong/Powerful slow startup but when released it’s very fast does high shield damage. While charging and an opponent can land in his mouth he will chomp immediately.

(Neutral 2)-(Twilight Blast) (Master Beast) Opens his mouth and charges an orb of dark energy then launches it at opponents exploding on impact Medium/Strong charging increases speed and size as well.

(Neutral 3)-(Finger Bullet) (Master and Crazy Hand) Combine in the form of a gun can be charged for up to 3 seconds increasing speed and damage before firing 2 bullets which penetrates through foes Weak/Medium. (Crazy Hand) is not a steady shot his bullet is angled a little higher.


(Side)-(Sharp Edge) (Master Edges) combine into 1 large sword that (Master Giant) holds above his head then slams downwards in front to launch can be charged for 3 seconds but has slow startup Strong/Devastating shield breaker.

(Side 2)-(Background Chomp) (Master Beast) Charges to extend it’s neck to chomp opponents in front Medium/Strong deals high shield damage and is quick but he’s exposed while charging. Should act like Greninja’s (Shadow Sneak) but you stay in place only his neck extends.

(Side 3)-(Boomerang Edge) (Master Giant) Uses (Master Edges) to send a razor shaped boomerang projectiles launches diagonally in the direction their moving can be charged to increase size and speed Weak/Medium.


(Up)-(Beast Pounce) (Master Beast) Jumps up high popping foes upwards Medium then does a belly slam to launch foes below Strong and shockwave is Medium. Distance increases attack power.

(Up 2)-(Giant Uppercut) (Master Giant) Uses an uppercut Powerful/Medium gains some height but can K.O.

(Up 3)-(Rising Edge) (Master Edges) Thrust upwards can be angled slightly knocking foes back on the way up while elevating the rest Strong/Medium.


(Down)-(Explosive Core) (Master Core) Charges for up to 5 seconds then releases a blast around them as a manual counterattack has super armor on startup Medium/Powerful.

(Down 2)-(Spike Guard) (Master Beast) Erects spikes around them briefly to knock foes away Medium a weaker no charge manual conterattack.

(Down 3)-(Advancing Spikes) Buries spikes that pop up once an opponent is above launching vertically Strong can travel below the surface like Pikachu’s (Thunder Jolt).


(Final Smash)-(Finale) (Master Edges) Uses a close ranged uppercut sword slash in front in a crescent shape if it misses it fails. If it connects launches them upwards trapping them in the (Swarm) before everyone deals combo attacks before (Master Giant) uses a Hammer Punch to launch them downwards to bounce off the stage kinda like Mii Brawler’s (Headache Maker) Devastating.

(Final Smash 2)-(Pincer Attack) (Master Edges) Grows to full size has 1 sword on each side of the stage that slash in front basically playing ping pong knocking opponents left and right 4 times before using the other 3 to slash down the middle to spike bouncing them off the stage and launch vertically Strong full stage Final Smash. After the final slash you reappear back on the stage. Could be changed to a combo attack by (Master and Crazy Hand) since they actually use combination attacks and you could control them for 15 seconds.

(Final Smash 3)-(Master Shockwave) (Master Core) Absorbs everyone before releasing 5 individual shockwaves each gets stronger and has more range Weak/Medium. First 2 do 5%, 3rd and 4th deals 10% and the final ones deals 15% damage. Basically (Master Core’s) only attack if you don’t defeat him in time.


<(Ground Attacks)>

Dash Attack: (Master Beast) Lunges forward to do a headbutt Medium.

Held Dash Attack: (Master Beast) Slides forward on his stomach with his mouth open and on impact chomps to launch foes Strong.

Neutral: (Master Giant) Punches in front Medium.

Held Neutral: (Master Giant) Does a spin attack with his arms out Medium.

Side: (Master Giant) Same as Donkey Kong’s Medium.

Held Side: (Master Giant) Same as Wario’s Strong.

Down: (Master Giant) uses (Master Edges) to slash the ground in front like Link’s same move Medium.

Held Down: (Master Beast) does a headbutt in place with impact Strong.

Up: All 5 of (Master Edges) Thrust upwards Medium.

Held Up: (Master Edges) Multi-Slashes above to launch vertically Strong.

<(Aerial Attacks)>

Neutral: (Master Giant) Same as Donkey Kong’s Medium.

Held Neutral: (Master Core) releases a blast of energy to knock foes back Strong.

Front: (Master Giant) Uses (Master Edges) Same as Shulk’s same move Medium.

Held Front: (Master Giant) Same as Donkey Kong’s but doesn’t flip Strong.

Back: (Master Giant) Same as Captain Falcon’s Medium.

Held Back: (Master Giant) Uses (Master Edges) should look the same as Ike’s same move Strong but slow it down.

Up: (Master Edges) Same as the grounded version Medium.

Held Up: (Master Edges) Spins all 5 swords like a disc at a high speed horizontally above to knock foes away Medium.

Down: (Master Beast) Spins with his legs spread out like Pikachu’s Back Aerial but knocks foes away Medium.

Held Down: (Master Beast) Does a body slam downwards Medium/Strong based on distance at the start it spikes.

<(Smash Attacks)>

Front: (Master Giant) Reels back to charge a powerful punch forwards slow startup but is Powerful/Devastating.

Up: (Master Giant) Dual wields (Master Edges) and crosses them should act the same as Greninja’s Strong/Powerful without the sweet spot Medium/Strong.

Down: (Master Giant) Uses (Giant Sweep) to launch foes forwards at a low angle Strong/Powerful.

<(Grabs and Throws)>

Grab: (Master Giant) Grabs them with 1 hand.

Pummel: (Master Giant) Squeezes them for 3% damage.

Front: (Master Hand) Flicks them to launch Medium.

Back: (Master Giant) Throws them backwards and (Master Hand) uses (Finger Bullet) diagonally then (Crazy Hand) uses it angled higher but that bullet explodes for more knockback, basically Falco’s same move Medium.

Down: (Master Giant) drops them then randomly uses (Master Hand) or (Crazy Hand) for (Laser Nails) or (Finger Bombs) Damage Throw up to 15% Medium.

Up: (Master Giant) Tosses them upwards Medium.

<(Shield Pose and Dodges)>

Shield Pose: Takes a defensive position hard to describe (Master Beast) curls his tail around and ducks, (Master Giant) puts both fist up to guard and (Master Edges) create a circle above crossing swords kind of like a fence.

All Dodges: (Master Core) Absorbs all of them and puts up a dark barrier to dodge in place, forwards or backwards.

<(The End)>

Again would like feedback and the (Character Request) section is now finished. I kinda rushed this one because i'm about to move on to the game itself which was easier since it's already there but there's alot to do my Characters were short compared to whats ahead.


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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