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Destructoid Stickers: FDS Edition


Hello, it is I, your increasingly frivolous sticker vendor. Come, look inside my rickety cart and behold my dusty wares!

Okay, enough of that. That sentence took 15 minutes to write. I have stickers if you’d like some.

You may recall that I drew a wallpaper. Seem familiar?

I was pleased enough with it that I wanted to make stickers. And is my tendency, I’d like to offer to share my work in an attempt to validate artistic endeavors.

Want some? Great. DM me your sticky desire along with your address. For people outside the US, ask anyways! I don’t think postage is going to be too expensive, but I could be wrong. At the very least I can look into it before I tell you no.

As for payment, I’m not requiring any money. But I will take this opportunity to obnoxiously shake a tip jar in your face with an impossibly wide grin, eyebrows raising and lowering suggestively. If you’d like to donate, I can supply various methods to do so. It would be greatly appreciated and would encourage me to keep doing these ridiculous things.

Thanks again for humoring a tired, old artist.

- xyzzy

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