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(Smash Honorable Mentions)



Almost done with the (Character Request) section. These are some Characters I like but didn’t include an entire move set. I will give some of them Special Moves though and describe their tools and abilities. I actually scrapped some to shorten this and focus on my main 3 I still remember the moves though. Didn't go all in on details since I wasn't making a full moveset and there isn't any photos. If they can’t make it as characters at least they should make it as an assist trophy and include some of their songs so they are at least a part of Smash Bros. Anyway they are in order from most deserving to not of a spot. Again these are my favorites it's not shade towards any other characters.

<(Castlevania)-(Gabriel Belmont)>

I knew they were going to put Simon in first he looks weird his armor isn’t even leather it’s silver but anyway look at Simon’s move set and look at Gabriel’s it’s like they’re from different planets. I think Gabriel was the very first Belmont this was their origin story that’s all I’m gonna say on that sure people gonna say otherwise he’s a Half-Belmont if you know what I mean. Gabriel has so many new combo attacks and different weapons than Simon I love this character there’s so many moves. I know it may not be fair since their like 30 years apart and not from the original game but Cloud is in Smash Bros same thing for Black Mage. His Original design should be the default his alternate is from the 2nd game not gonna spoil much but he has a big heart that took a lot of damage and he becomes very violent towards the end of his journey.

The 1st one was better story wise while the 2nd was better game play wise and was open world you can travel through time as well. You have to recognize threats get out of the way or if you can counterattack just be wary of your surroundings. This is the hardest and fairest game I’ve ever played Ninja Turtles is just very hard bosses have very small openings and you can get beat down easily you just have to try and survive all those waves of enemies and get to the final boss with the most lives possible to have a chance it’s really tedious Lords of Shadow isn’t like that at all.

The game itself is my favorite 3D Beat em up other than 2003 Ninja Turtles but you can’t play multiplayer and is much longer I hate these games difficulty is through the roof but it’s actually fair in Lords of Shadow if you suck you will get worst and worst off if you dominate you will be fine but if you spam you will not get rewarded you must use a variety of moves and avoid being hit with normal attacks if you want to refill your magic and never underestimate anyone and sometimes 1 mistake means death like if you get grabbed they can deal a fatal blow to you if you mistimed it.

In the Lords of Shadow Series he gets so many new moves, weapons and Magic attacks Shadow to deal greater damage momentarily and Light to heal based on damage dealt. He also gets the Dark Gauntlets for increased physical damage should be used with Smash Attacks already has front, ground and uppercut attacks from the game, Cyclone Boots for increased speed used when Dashing and Seraph Shoulders for extra jump height.

In the 2nd game they transformed his Shadow and Light Magic into new weapons the Chaos Claws to deal heavy damage and deals heavy shield damage with Special Moves it literally burns armor forcing opponents to take it off in the game replacing Shadow Magic and has the fire element and the Void Sword replacing Light Magic which is now used to heal but you have to get closer to do so has the ice element since it’s a sword it’s the most versatile should be used for regular attacks without the whip. For now the (Chaos Claws) and (Void Sword) won’t use elementals it would be too easy to inflict maximum effects.

His primary is the (Combat Cross) a whip with many upgrades he can grab and retract to pull himself or opponents with the (Hook Tip) upgrade if it’s an attack you hit with the tip it should deal the most damage and has the most attack range in the game hit with the spiky chain and it deals half the damage to balance its range. The bottom of it has a (Stake) which deals high damage but very close ranged should only be used for pummels. In terms of grappling with the (Hook Tip) I would have used that but I know Link and his Hook/Clawshots exist already he can have that Gabriel’s got enough moves to replace that and a lot of range already.

Anyway the only moves he should keep from the retro games are his weapons he can charge like Pac-Man’s (Bonus Fruit) and held neutral attacks can be angled in any direction like in Castlevania 4 ground or airborne he should have the most attack range in the game Special Moves below.

<(Special Moves)>

(Neutral)-(Sub Weapons) Charges through 4 different weapons that can be stored you can choose what to use there’s many games with many different weapons and if you tap and hold on 1 weapon and hold you can charge it for up to 3 seconds to use the Double and Triple Shot variations depending on the weapon it increases it’s damage and size or multiplies the number of projectiles. I hope they use the obvious ones like Daggers, Holy Water, Axe and Cross. If Gabriel cannot use a Cross change it into a Boomerang I don’t see why he can’t use an Axe change it to a Cleaver.

(Neutral 2)-(Charged Sub Weapons) You can now charge all of them to increase the amount or increase it’s size and damage.

(Daggers) Throws up to 3 1st straight the next 2 slightly upwards diagonally Weak.

(Cross/Boomerang) This can now penetrate through foes and is larger increasing damage of this boomerang based on charge Weak/Medium.

(Axe/Cleaver) Can now throw up to 3 axes each is arced higher Medium.

(Holy Water) Charge increases the range of the explosion Medium/Strong.


(Neutral 3)-(Dagger Wave) Throw Daggers individually or charge to throw multiple daggers at once same damage 3% but these daggers cannot launch you can throw 1 to 5 charging increases speed.


(Side)-(Direct Attack Combo) This should be a combination attack using the Combat Cross, Chaos Claws and Void Sword like Marth’s (Dancing Blade) you move forward during the combination if you hold or tap you will do light or heavy attack combinations tapping combos into the next held launches and deals increased damage the final hit is always a finisher so it will automatically be heavy. Normal no direction or forwards uses his (Combat Cross), Up uses the (Void Sword) stronger and has medium range and Down uses the (Chaos Claws) short range but deals the most damage and knockback. Each weapon already has a finisher.

(Side 2)-(Chainsaw) Lunges forward spinning his chain violently in a circle in front sucking opponents in before launching Medium deals high multi-hitting damage.

(Side 3)-(Flameclaws) Charges for up to 3 seconds before releasing a slash wave in front that deals high shield damage and push Medium/Powerful. Charge increases size, power and range of the wave its short range and he has super armor when releasing it has slow startup.


(Down)-(Counter) With all that attack range this should help him deal with opponents that get to close with a close ranged whip spin attack to launch opponents or reflect projectiles.

(Down 2)-(Area Attack Combo) Swings his chain in circles around himself sucking in opponents before doing a slash at the end to launch Medium.

(Down 3)-(Exploding Quake) Charges before punching the ground creating an eruption to launch all nearby foes upwards around him Medium/Powerful covers 25% of a form stages length. Can be charged for up to 3 seconds to increase its damage or from a height distance will increase its power if activated while airborne he uses a diving punch which knocks foes back and spikes on startup Strong/Medium.


(Up)-(Seraph Shoulders) Uses Angelic Wings to elevate him upwards.

(Up 2)-(Rising Guillotine) Uses (Rising Strike) to elevate opponents in front with his whip and then (Guillotine) as a finisher it’s like Ike’s (Aether) but has more range Medium.

(Up 3)-(Circular Chain) Rises while spinning his chain to knock foes back Medium decent recovery. If used on the ground just acts as a spin attack swings it around himself 3 times defensive move.


(Final Smash)-(Shadow Magic) Creates a dark aura with red flames to increase his Attack by 100% and horizontal movement speed by 50% and is immune to flinching and being launched for 15 seconds.

(Final Smash 2)-(Light Magic) Creates a dark aura with blue flames to increase his movement speed by 100% and heal half of the damage dealt counts towards shield damage too and you take half damage for 15 seconds.

(Option)-(Final Smash 3)-(Dark Crystal/Tailsman of The Dragon) For the 3rd you can either use the (Dark Crystal) from the 1st game but is very graphic not very PG or (Tailsman of the Dragon) from the 2nd they are both whole stage Final Smashes Strong.


(Muramasa The Demon Blade)-(Momohime/Kisuke) There is no Samurai character in the game so they can be unique in that way I guess, they are from my favorite single player 2D beat em up I’ve 100% it twice. It’s a game nobody probably heard of but it’s really good they would fit nicely in Smash, long shot in terms of popularity but it’s happened before. To have a challenging experience play without using Whetstones your swords will break and you cannot spam (Secret Arts) since they deplete your blades Soul Power so you can’t block, damage is halved so you cannot cause opponents to flinch either when broken. Do not underestimate this games difficulty.

I rather play as Momohime over Kisuke because her enemies and bosses are much harder Kisuke is literally just hack and slash Momohime has to actually avoid attacks or there is no opening Kisuke has better Secret Arts though I love (Gale). Basically Momohime is Defensive Kisuke is Offensive in terms of their (Secret Arts) my favorite setup is (Misty Slash), (Universe) and (Gale) with the relic that sets all Katana attack power to 700 so you can choose any (Secret Art). There are 108 different swords with probably 60 different Secret Arts that can be Special Moves you can easily make an entire move set out of them I say 60 because some have levels 2 and 3 of the same move but more powerful versions they should just be charged for the more powerful versions.

This is a combo character they can use combination attacks on the ground and air Bayonetta stole many of their moves which I explained in the (Character Balancing) section they look almost identical and they both can use the same Katana and (Secret Arts) once you beat the game with both of them. Momohime should be the default Kisuke is the alternate. I just don’t like this emo guy that goes on a rampage for reasons he doesn’t even know about. Momohime wasn’t a fighter but she acquired skills on her forced journey they travel through different paths but it's their fate to face eachother for their good endings all I’m gonna say about that. I currently use Momohime as a Mii Swordfighter. Songs I would recommend is Powerful Looking, Graceful Quiet, Brisk Winds and Losing Consciousness. That last one sounds humbly heroic.

They use 2 different Katana Short and Long Blades. Short Blades should be on your hip like Momohime holds hers it has very fast attack speed and Long Blades should be on your back shoulder like Kisuke holds his they have very slow startup but once you start swinging it really starts ripping extremely fast attack speed and is stronger than Short Blades. They only take out their Katana when attacking otherwise they leave it in their sheath since they will be switching between them and they are Samurai masters of the Quick Draw sword style not gun style they should be able to draw each weapon fast.

Smash Attacks should have slow startup but very fast once they come out basically very powerful Quick Draws like Meta knight’s Side Smash. Short Blades are used with tapped moves and should be able to combo in any direction on the ground or in the air they don’t have many single hitting attacks other than Smash Attacks Long Blades should be used with held moves and more powerful attacks Special Moves can use both. Like Meta Knight most Special Moves can be used for movement and recovery I describe them below.


(Neutral)-(Drawn Back Slash)-(Long Blade) A shield breaker that can pounce on foes and be used for recovery. You use it by holding down while blocking in the game hard to pull off but shatters swords in 1 blow. Medium/Powerful you can charge this to jump higher you can cancel the dive if you don’t hold the button down after releasing this move and jump out of it but only the dive has shield breaking capabilities and deals the most damage.

(Neutral 2)-(Sakuya) Slashes in an X pattern to send Soul Power forward to knock foes back it’s a projectile Medium.

(Neutral 3)-(Tornado) Creates a tall tornado that travels a short distance multi-hitting foes before launching vertically.


(Side)-(Running Slash)-(Short Blade) Combo starter works like (Fox Phantasm) very weak goes upwards slightly but can be used up to 3 times before landing can be used for recovery too but should only be able to use this consecutively on contact so you can’t zip across the screen repeatedly and you can jump out of it.

(Side 2)-(Universe) Like (Running Slash) but gains no height multi hits before launching opponents upwards Strong/Medium. It’s more powerful and faster but can only be used once.

(Side 3)-(Hell Spinner)-(Long Blade) Spins in a circle violently while moving forward to multi-hit before launching Strong if used while airborne it knocks foes away and you glide briefly and gain momentum.


(Down)-(Parry)-(Short Blade) Just make this into a counterattack in the game it blocks and if you block at the start it reflects projectiles with a slash.

(Down 2)-(Misty Slash) Another Counterattack creates 2 illusions that launch opponents upwards Strong/Medium cannot reflect.

(Down 3)-(Log Chop)-(Long Blade) A charged advancing overhead downwards swing that cuts through anything in its path fully charged breaks shields in 1 hit and does high shield damage at any charge. Has super armor on release but slow startup Strong/Devastating.


(Up)-(Dragonfly)-(Long Blade) This is a spin attack if you use it on the ground you can pop foes around you up to combo into the airborne spin attack which knocks opponents away and this spin attack can glide horizontally further but descends during Medium/Weak can be held to glide across the screen. I love this move for this game it can be an ultimate anti aerial or prevent opponents from landing it has so much horizontal movement.

(Up 2)-(Phantom) Rises with 4 illusions to pop opponents upwards Medium and elevate you 2 on each side.

(Up 3)-(Nightglow) Does a high uppercut with a their Katana leaving a midnight glowing trail on the way up launches vertically Strong/Medium.


(Final Smash)-(Quick Draw)-(Short Blade) Extremely fast slashes the entire screen to launch all opponents vertically Strong breaks shields in 1 hit.

(Final Smash 2)-(Disturbance)-(Short Blade) Close ranged single hit before creating multiple illusions multi-hitting opponents before launching with a final Powerful blow.

(Final Smash 3)-(Sun Orb)-(Long Blade) Swings in a windmill pattern in place releasing waves of Soul Power knocking opponents back this is active for 5 seconds long range and can be activated anywhere so it can be used as an ultimate ledge guarder.


(Okami)-(Amaterasu) I loved this game the music and areas were great not many cut scenes it had the perfect mix of story and action but had creepy Asian comedy at least to me. The battle system is kinda broken combos don’t work consistently and the brush doesn’t work sometimes I wish they didn’t freeze the game when you used the brush made it too easy and you never seem to run out of ink. This is a severely underrated game I don’t know what is keeping her out honestly she deserves a spot over some of these other characters that pop out of nowhere. I played the Wii version beat it twice and it was hard to use high leveled brush attacks with a Wii Remote you need steady strokes. Songs I would recommend is Lake Harami, Canine Warriors Theme and Cursed Shinshu Field.

This is basically a wolf version of Gabriel she uses (Rosaries) which are basically Whips, (Reflectors) basically Shields and (Glaives) which are Broad Swords which also could have Fire, Ice and Thunder elementals they are called (Divine Instruments) I listed them in order from weakest to strongest you also have the (Celestial Brush Techniques). You should combine all 3 of the instruments onto her at once the Reflector should be on her back with the Glaive on top and the Rosaries rotate around her collar so she has all 3 at once and can be used for normal attacks. They all can be used as Special Moves along with (Celestial Brush Techniques). Smash Attacks should use the (Power Slash) brush technique.

(Neutral)-(Rotating Rosary) Continuously shoots beads that penetrates through foes has high speed no knockback does about 2% damage can be angled diagonally up and down.

(Neutral 2)-(Ink Bullet) Charges before shooting Ink at a very high speed to knock opponents back penetrates Weak/Strong.

(Neutral 3)-(Rejuvenation) Heals 5% health but has slow startup and cool down.


(Side)-(Reflector Bash) Reflects projectiles and can be used as a shield in front to knock foes back like a head butt Medium.

(Side 2)-(Rosary Whip) Whips opponents from a distance has long range and on impact it multi-hits before launching Weak.

(Side 3)-(Glaive Charge) Charges for up to 3 seconds before dashing with the sword in front penetrates through foes Medium/Strong.


(Up)-(Gale Storm) Uses wind to propel her in any direction can be angled heavily. This is just for momentum you can use another action immediately afterwards or during.

(Up 2)-(Mist Warp) Teleports a long distance before reappearing in any direction.

(Up 3)-(Water Sprout) Creates a geyser from below to elevate you upwards can be angled slightly Strong/Medium.


(Down)-(Glaive Somersault) On the ground does an uppercut with the sword then leaps spinning before doing a slash downwards to launch on landing Medium. Acts like Ike’s Aether on the ground if used airborne it just uses the dive launches foes it hits Medium.

(Down 2)-(Thunderbolt) Charges before striking thunder from above diagonally in front Medium/Strong.

(Down 3)-(Cherry Bomb) Places a bomb that explodes after 5 seconds that can be knocked around with attacks or pushed before exploding Strong has a wide explosion range. This cannot be triggered by damage only when the timer runs out or if hit by the fire element of a Special Move.


(Final Smash)-(Celestial Brush) Teleports off screen and allows you to manually draw attacks from the game on the screen for 15 seconds if you played the game you should be very effective while using this you do have an ink limit so the more powerful the technique the less time you have plus the complicated strokes involved you can only pull off 2 strong techniques in that amount of time Power Slashes are the easiest and quickest ones. You have to draw on opponents to damage them so you need to predict their movements and draw them quickly.

(Final Smash 2)-(Divine Instrument Combination) Close ranged if first hit misses the move fails slashes the Glaive downwards in a crescent shape in front if you connect it deals heavy damage combos with all 3 Divine Instruments before using the Glaive as a finisher Devastating.

(Final Smash 3)-(Divine Transformation) Transforms taking the form of Shiranui increasing attack, speed and defense by 50% and halves damage taken, cannot flinch or be launched while transformed.


(Kirby)-(Waddle Dee) Why not complete the crew and add him? I was surprised he wasn’t in I really thought he would have made it he already has a move set from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land so I’m just giving him defaults. Waddle Doo can be an alternate and they removed him from King Dededee’s (Final Smash) which really made me think he was getting in. He uses a short Spear attack speed should be fast thrusting attacks. Nothing to say other than that Special Moves below this is all he really has other than trying to tackle enemies an Assist Trophy maybe his fate if so.

(Neutral)-(Beam Shot) Grows Waddle Doos eye and charges storable electricity before shooting a ball of electricity penetrating through foes Medium/Strong.

(Side)-(Triple Javelin) Throws up to 3 spears charging 1 each second to throw spears in an arc charging increases range and power you can move slightly during Weak/Medium.

(Up)-(Spearcopter) Spins his spear rapidly to hover upwards slowly while knocking foes away Weak/Medium with lots of horizontal movement at the end he starts to descend before it ends can be charged to deal more damage or fly quicker but has a set distance.

(Down)-(Counter) Every character that isn’t Link, Little Mac or Cloud with a sharp weapon has a counterattack.

(Final Smash)-(Waddle Army) Basically King Dedede’s old Final Smash from Brawl to summon reinforcements that fall from the sky and jump onto the stage. They jump around and trample opponents knocking them all over the place and pulling them down from the sky.


(Croc: Legend of The Gobbos)-(Croc) He doesn’t have anything he can only do a tail spin saying respect or “Kersplat” but I always liked respect more and a balloon to move around quicker he's from one of my favorite games. He’s best as an assist trophy he has some great music though Demon Itsy, Snow Island 3, Volcano Island 3, Castle Island 6, Cave 12, Bonus themes 1 and 3.

(Boom Blox) No specific character just songs if their was a character throw objects at the screen like in the game as an Assist Trophy. This to me is the ultimate Physics game both games are really good Bash Party had better multiplayer and so much bigger though and getting 100% is really tough. Anyway here’s the songs Mellow Fun and Feeling of Anxiety.

(Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars)-(Pax) He doesn’t deserve to get in I’m only mentioning him because of a few songs but the game is a hidden gem but short. Remember the Trailer, Log Village Aerobics, Chillin in the inner Sanctum and Tailgating in the Parking lot. 


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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