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What is Ub3rSlug listening too? - Ever play Phoenix Wright? Add these two albums to your winter wishlist.

Let me first say that I haven't played much of the Phoenix Wright games, but many of my friends have. I've heard a good portion of the soundtrack and know pretty much all the cases just by being around them.

Now let's get on with it. Two Phoenix Wright Albums. I found the first one from a friend (probably "best" PW player among us, has played each game at least 2-4 times just from the amount of help he has given out) when we were talking about Classical/Orchestra versions of Video Game Soundtracks (Trusty Bell What?) and he had mentioned the Orchestrated Phoenix Wright Album that he recently "acquired". Being the music whore that I am, I just had to "acquire" it myself. The second one just came to me from some searching for a good album art for the first. A bit a matlocking brought me a quick download for the second.

Evidence A, Your Honor:

Gyakuten Meets Orchestra

Pretty Good. I love what they did to Godot's theme. Fragrance of Dark Coffee, it's just like Dark Hot Sex in a Cup and not what Ron and Lemon do on Sundays. The rest of the album is pretty good as well. The courtroom themes for each game are great. The whole soundtrack is redone very well. It keeps it's "murder is serious business" tone while adding in this new classy theme to the mix that just can't be portrayed very well with DS sound limits. (Also, random side note, I think I killed my DS' speakers. D: )

Evidence B, Your Honor:

Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul

Certainly my favorite of the two. This is the Jazz rendition of all the music. This one has an "interesting" take of the "OBJECTION!" theme, one which you really don't expect. This album makes me want to wear a barret and sit around with coffee all day. This CD would make great music to relax or work too.

Both of these will certainly be on my playlist for a while to come.

It should be noted that both soundtracks contain the (basically) same songs, just played by different people with different instruments. But don't have this deter you from getting both, as they each put a different, unique spin on the music. To compare the two, just listen to any song and then it's equivalent on the other CD, I swear you will think they are based on completely different songs.

But enough of me taking. Here are the downloads.

Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul http://www.finalturnabout.com/music/gmjs.php
Gyakuten Meets Orchestra http://www.finalturnabout.com/music/gmo.php

Quick Mijos! Before the Joystiq mods make me remove the links!

I'll put it on the Anywhere.fm account for people to listen to sometime, if anyone besides me ever goes on it anymore.
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