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My Hamsa Kaiju Mini Gargamel !

It's pretty obvious that I have this largely obsessive penchant for collector vinyl toys of every capacity. It must have hit my consumer nerve sometime a few years ago, right around the time Kid Robot debuted. Since my very first Gloomy Bear I've managed to fill a whole shelf to the brim with designer toys and plushes. I'm very fond of my collection, and when I marry it will serve as my dowry:

That's right, it's a sweet ass imported Kaiju Mini Gargemel toy that I've wanted for a while. Hell YES. This buddy is made of clear vinyl and spray painted blue adn green on the outside. You can take off his head and insert guts of any sort. I decided to name it Hamsa, because Hamsa gave it to me, of course ^^;.

Thanks Hamsa! I put him right next to my Hello Kitty 'Personal Massager' in weird Green Pony Costume on my shelf (a birthday gift from Azereki!). They'll be friends forever, vibrating in tandem till the end of time.
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