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(Smash Freya Crescent Blueprints)


Black Mage: https://www.destructoid.com/--552675.phtml#post  And White Mage: https://www.destructoid.com/--553736.phtml#post have been done there or check my profile.

Before you say anything about this not being Kain look at the moveset there is a very good reason why it isn't Kain.

(3rd)-(Final Fantasy)-(Freya) This is my favorite actual character from the series meaning she’s not just a class like Black Mage and actually has a personality she’s from Final Fantasy 9 I would never pick any other character over her for Smash they don’t deserve it or have the skills for a move set like she’s capable of. Nobody is going to know who this is i'm sure a true long shot but it's happened before. This will be my simplest character shouldn't take to long.

Drew this by hand and scanned it onto my laptop and polished it like my other 2 characters.


Now for the alternates first one is more like her original design. Her toes and tail are differrent from the original I did them before I finished polishing this design if you noticed.

Like before I drew this picture of her with my updated design but this was really tough to draw it's very busy. Her original design just lacked a lot of color making it look extremely bland like the games graphics or from all of that rain so I brightened it and added more designs. This has to be my weakest drawing of the 3 Final Fantasy characters because the design wasn’t as simple as the Mages were.

She should be as tall as Rosalina, has white fur and a brown scaled tail with a ribbon wrapped around near the tip of the tail. I had a lot of trouble with the head shape, I based it on the 2D drawing not the 3D drawing because the 3D one looked like her skeleton and the 2D drawing just looked better and not like a beak but I couldn’t get the nose to look right so I just used a snout but they could fix that I suppose. She has white hair and it covers all around her head like the bob hairstyle except her right eye but it should be inside of her collar like her profile picture on the menu in game. Her helmet is made of red leather which has a ruby gem holding the gold dragon wings together and it actually has a face mask in front of it. Her coat is also made of red leather with white lining and new cuffs but I made it fit better since it looked oversized in the game. I added a bunch of belts on her torso and sleeves plus a new shoulder pad and she has the Burmecian Crest that she wears on the front of her coat. For her baggy pants I added stripes like Black Mage has and I put more design on her stockings or sandals whatever they are they don’t cover her heels or toes.

She does have a weapon I made my own original design of the default (Trident) (Spear) that she starts with she wields it back handed. I made it golden with red lining on the (Pole) should be twice as long it has golden diamond shapes at the end of the pole on both sides separating the (Blunt) and (Blade). The (Blade) has rubies attached and is shaped like a Fork or Trident should be twice the size the middle blade should be the longest since I couldn’t fit it in the picture and the (Blunt) is just a flat surface with the Burmecian Crest on the end of it.

Since this is a (Spear) her attacks damage will vary based on what part you were hit by so I will have to separate them between the 3 parts which are the (Pole), (Blunt) and (Blade). The (Pole) will do the least damage, the (Blunt) on the bottom of the (Pole) does more damage and the (Blade) will do maximum damage and is wide and long so it is much easier to hit with than Marth’s tip of his sword and actually makes sense Marth has it just because never mattered in his games. Getting hit by a blunt metal pole and a sharp blade makes a huge difference. The fact that she wields it back handed really helped her attacks since she’s an Aerial attacker she can easily pop you up into the air she has a lot of uppercut attacks because of it. It should have the same range as Shulk’s Sword at full length like when he uses his Front Smash Attack with the beam but some attacks have half the length which will be as long as his sword when using his Side Ground Attack and I will label each attack that has half the range.

Entrance should just be her diving onto the stage. Victory Theme should be Victory Fanfare from the 9th game and the logo is also Chocobo since this is a Final Fantasy character. Her stance should be the same as my drawing looks which is the same as in the game but she bends her knees more and she turns around 180 degrees so you will see her back if facing to the left like most characters. Her crouch should have her down on one knee with her (Spear) on her right shoulder and her left hand on the ground. Walk should have her lean forward while walking and dash should have her run while leaning forward tilting the (Blunt) of the (Spear) downwards slightly and her face mask falls over her eyes like when dashing towards an opponent to attack in the game or when using a (Dragon) attack like (Lancer).

She is a Dragon Knight or Dragoon for short I don’t understand their relationship with Dragons are they killers or tamers? Her (Dragon) abilities use the spirits of dragons that she can summon at will but she also specializes in the game at dealing extra damage to them is it because of training with them she has these abilities or by hunting them? (Dragon’s Crest) deals more damage by killing more dragons so I guess they are hunters and they try and mimic their looks with their armor. Freya is the best Dragon Knight in the series she made the class with her new (Dragon) abilities before all they had was (Jump) and (Lancet) they now have a move set and are not just spamming Attack or (Jump) all the time. She uses her (Dragon) abilities for (Special Moves) and (Final Smashes). I couldn’t use them all because some of their effects wouldn’t work in this game like (Luna) and (White Draw). I also allowed her to use other abilities that the Dragoon class has like (Lancet) and I made multiple variations of their trademark (Jump) ability in terms of the jump and dive.


This is what she is capable of she is a Dragon Knight, Dragoon for short she trains with dragons so she has (Dragon) abilities and she can summon different dragon spirits to use with her Special Moves and are attached to her base Attack stat not the (Spears). She has a weapon a (Spear) which should have the longest attack range in the game but the part of the (Spear) that hits varies like Marth’s Tipper but actually matters this time. Dragoons jump height has always been their specialty from the very beginning dealing severe damage to grounded foes from the sky since she has a lot of diving attacks especially when using her (Spear). They are extremely hard hitters they don’t have many combos and on the ground they use their superior attack range to wall opponents out but her attacks are slow if they get in close range she is defenseless because of slow attacks they are mid to long range fighters only want to get in close range if you can dive onto them for a single powerful shot they should be safe on shield.

The game plan is pounce on unsuspecting foes from the air and lift opponents up into the air with you where you are at your strongest she has a lot of uppercut attacks I don’t know if it was intentional but that’s probably why she uses her (Spear) back handed but she can’t parry attacks that way but her evasion in the game was very good. If on the ground play defensively and wall foes out she should be a very good ledge guarder and has some of the best recoveries ontop of that jump height. Don’t allow them to get in to close and you should be fine projectiles you can easily jump over if an opponent is charging a move that is the best time to pounce on top of them. Your best matchup is against long ranged chargeable projectile users while your worst is close ranged rush down characters but Little Mac she should be able to destroy Fox or Meta Knight should be her worst matchups. You have above average defense and attack but slow attacks and movement speed on the ground and she is pretty tall. This should be the best one of my characters tier wise in both game modes.


Attack for each of the 3 parts of the spear will be separated, (Blade) is 120%, (Blunt) is 100%, (Pole) is 80%, and her base Attack is 130% when attacking without the Spear physically or with a (Dragon) attack. Attack Speed should be as slow as Shulk’s and Defense is 120%. Ground speed should be the same as Lucario’s and Air Speed should be the same as Mario’s. She’s a Dragoon and their specialty is jumping so her jump height should be higher than Falco’s. She can also wall jump and wall cling she does use the Fire element but her flames are green.

<(Special Moves)>

Personally I would use (Lancet), (Wyvern Pounce), (Counter) and (Dragon High Jump).

(Neutral 1)-(Dragon Breath) Creates a large blue serpent dragon spirit that rises up from a blue portal underneath and behind her before pointing her (Spear) forward like in the game and the dragon releases a stream of green flames from over her head. When she points her (Spear) forward it can knock foes back Weak and the whole (Spear) does the same damage but has shorter range only dealing damage if used on the ground. The flames deal rapid damage causing foes to flinch while knocking them back setting them on fire.

This is basically Bowser’s (Fire Breath) since it looks exactly like it, so I had to copy it unless I just didn’t use it. The only differences are that the flames are green coming from the serpent instead of her mouth and instead of the blast of flames at the start she uses her (Spear) to knock foes in front back which is weaker to compensate for the extra range and a little bit faster since the flames have to travel from the serpent’s mouth. Other than that it should work exactly the same way including the recharge mechanic so it cannot be spammed at full strength. This racks up a lot of damage to foes in front of you but it cannot be used often and can eat away at shields just like his.

(Neutral 2)-(Dragon Fireball) Same as (Dragon Breath) but you can charge for up to 3 seconds increasing the size of the fire ball before the dragon shoots a green fire ball forwards that explodes on impact Weak/Strong setting foes on fire for 1 to 5 seconds. A strong projectile but cannot be stored.

(Neutral 3)-(Lancet) Flips her (Spear) around like when preparing to attack in the game putting the (Blade) in front charging creating up to 3 small green serpent dragon spirits that swirl around the Spear while charging getting faster the more serpents charged. When released she stabs forward to catch foes with the (Blade) damaging them before pulling it back to launch absorbing the damage dealt as health.

The first hit which is the stab does damage and the serpents enter the foe and when she pulls back it launches the foe and the serpents return to you to heal so it hits twice only heals on the 2nd hit though so 10% health healed is the maximum Medium/Strong. This can deal up to 20% damage and heal 10% damage at full charge. If you hit more than 1 opponent at the same time the healing cannot stack it will only heal for the amount of 1. If you use this while airborne it stalls you and the opponent but only if it connects so you both don’t fall downwards during.

This is basically Black Mage’s (Drain) spell as a physical attack but safer since it’s a single attack instead of a grab damaging instantly and can launch making it a possible K.O move but won’t heal as much overall. A move that’s already in the game that would be similar to how I’m trying to describe this would be Marth’s (Shield Breaker) in terms of the poses when charging and stabbing but she will use both hands instead of one. This also has more range because she uses a (Spear) and heals but doesn’t do increased shield damage.

(Side 1)-(Lancer) Flips her (Spear) around with the (Blade) in front before dashing forward to ram into and penetrate through foes to launch diagonally at a low angle but has shorter range, Medium/Strong. If you click the B button again or control in the opposite direction during the dash she will spin before stabbing her (Blade) forward to launch foes which is more powerful using maximum range dealing very high shield damage and push, Strong/Powerful which is the actual attack in the game. You can also cancel this move if you fall off a ledge or jump out of it and the jump is longer based on her momentum so the more speed the longer the jump but lower than usual.

Based on distance traveled she creates up to 4 small blue serpent dragon spirits spiraling around her (Spear) which increases her speed and attack power the more serpents the faster they swirl and she always starts with 1 serpent and has increasing super armor. When she has 1 serpent her dash speed and attack power is the same while with all 4 her speed is as fast as Captain Falcon’s dash speed and attack power is maximized but the strength of this move will be determined on the length of the stage to charge the serpents. Every 25% distance of a form stage traveled creates each serpent so if you travel 75% the distance you should have all 4. If you jump out of it while using this on the ground she keeps the serpents created and applies it to the airborne version’s dive if you use your double jump you lose all of it’s charge if you try and use the dive.

When used while airborne she does a diagonal dive downwards with the (Blade) spiking foes diagonally downwards to combo into itself at the start and creates a shockwave on landing the dive is more diagonal it has more range than a (Falcon Kick). Power and the size of the shockwave increases based on distance travelled creating the serpent dragons so use it from higher up for more damage landing deals the most damage especially if hit directly by the (Blade). Startup is Strong to spike, during the dive is Medium/Powerful and the shockwave is Weak/Medium. The dive doesn’t cancel on the way down and you must land or grab the ledge to cancel it cannot jump out of this one.

When this is used airborne it is a downwards dive with her (Spear) to descend and launch grounded foes and does more damage the higher up you use it dealing maximum damage after a double jump and can be used again after jumping out of the grounded version as a mix up or if you need to jump over a projectile. If using on the ground it’s basically used like a battering ram to launch all opponents in her path, increasing her horizontal speed and can K.O with the more powerful attack which is the actual attack in the game. I just modified it so it can deal damage and build up on the way to the target instead of just running before doing a single attack I’ll just make that her dash attack. The grounded version is probably only going to be good in free for alls and the only move in the game currently that is similar to this on the ground is Bowser Jr’s. (Clown Kart Dash) and in the air is Captain Falcon’s (Falcon Kick). Explaining this move took an entire page which I hated I wasted a lot of time trying to shorten it but I couldn’t really since it has 3 types of attacks in 1.

(Side 2)-(Wyvern Pounce) Crouches and holds her (Spear) with both hands like when preparing her (Jump) attack to charge for up to 3 seconds before leaping forward in an arc leaving a trail behind to knock foes away she bumps into on the way up and bouncing off of foes and shields on the way down with her feet launching them diagonally at a low angle. Weak/Medium if you bump into foes, Medium/Strong if you bounce off of them, at full charge it spikes and landing creates a shockwave which is Weak/Medium.

Charging increases its range to up to 75% of a form stage at full charge to jump higher but you can determine the distance by controlling in the opposite direction since you jump higher they have more time to react too so they will see you coming but it also increases the shockwaves range and damage. This can only be used once until you land, bounce off of a foe, jump or grab the ledge and you can grab onto ledges during the leap and descent.

This is the original (Jump) Ability in full function since it has both the jump and dive but doesn’t use the (Spear) like in the older games you just bounced off of them with your feet the (Spear) was never used. You can also use this for horizontal or diagonal recovery that you can use an additional jump and Up Special afterwards, jump over projectiles or close distance quickly sort of like Zero Suit Samus’ (Flip Jump) or Sheik’s (Bouncing Fish) but this is more powerful and goes further and higher.

(Side 3)-(Serpent Thrust) Charges for up to 3 seconds before spinning and stabbing forward to send a long blue serpent dragon spirit forward penetrating through foes launching horizontally at a high angle. The serpent starts off slow but based on charge it increases in power and speed increasing its range Weak/Medium can be angled diagonally. On contact with a surface it creates a continuous shockwave until the whole serpent travels into it disappearing while knocking foes back, Weak only necessary if angled really. The serpent is energy based and should look like the (Lance) attack the Dragoon class has from Final Fantasy 5. This is a long ranged projectile that penetrates through foes and has extremely high speed at full charge but is weak overall.

(Up 1)-(Dragon Jump) Crouches and holds her (Spear) with both hands like when preparing to use her (Jump) attack in the game before jumping upwards that can be angled diagonally so you can also use this for forward movement. This should jump as high as her ground jump and can bump into foes on the way up but is more powerful at the start Medium/Weak. This can be used to recover and knock foes back she bumps into. If combined with her airborne (Lancer) it should look like the dive from the game but it should work better with the move below this one.

(Up 2)-(Dragon High Jump) Same as (Dragon Jump) but the jump is twice as high and cannot be angled diagonally as much. It also has slower startup but bumping into foes on the way up is more powerful Strong/Medium. This is a higher recovery that deals more damage when you bump into foes but she’s going to be jumping off of the screen with this since she already has the highest jump height in the game, it’s an option but not necessary unless you go really deep on a ledge guard or diving attack.

(Up 3)-(Serpent Swirl) Points the (Blade) of her (Spear) above before spinning upwards with 2 blue serpent spirits, can be bent horizontally and this can be used while going downwards as well knocking foes away Strong at the start with the (Blade) rest of the way is Medium the serpents have Medium knock back the whole way. This is basically a vertical version of Meta Knight’s (Drill Rush) but cannot multi hit so you can’t carry foes up into the top or bottom blast zones.

(Down 1)-(Counter) Strikes a guarding pose like when defending in the game to counterattack with her (Spear) after blocking an attack by slashing diagonally upwards in front, Strong/Medium and also reflects projectiles if countered at the start. Just a normal counterattack and it deals the same amount of damage no matter what part of the Spear hits. This can be useful when foes get too close to get them out of your face since her attacks are usually too slow to try and trade blows with the opponent.

(Down 2)-(Dragon’s Crest) Uses her Charging pose for up to 5 seconds displaying a green dragon symbol around her while constantly absorbing green flames. This can be stored by shielding or if you charge it all the way and at full charge the symbol becomes solid stone. When released the symbol releases a blast of green flames Medium/Powerful to launch foes around her diagonally setting them on fire for 1 to 5 seconds. At full charge when releasing during startup the symbol is solid stone giving her super armor before the blast of green flames shatters the stone. The symbol should look the same way it does in the game or for a clearer example like in Record Keeper when using the soul break of the same name.

Charging increases attack power and its range slightly but is weaker if used while airborne Weak/Strong and stalls you. Can only be charged on the ground and if you try to charge it in the air it automatically releases. Startup, cool down and cancelling to store for later has some delay so you can’t charge in an opponents face then shield anymore like other chargeable stored moves. Releasing this move at any charge has high cool down and high shield push.

I made this into a powerful close ranged area attack around you instead of off the ground and at full charge it is easier to connect with and you have super armor so you can absorb damage since you need to get in close to use this. This should be used like a more powerful manual counterattack and can keep aggressive foes away since you can threaten them with this powerful attack like all chargeable stored moves which can really help considering her weapon you don’t want them in your face like with (Counter). This has the potential to be an extremely good move in free for alls since you can jump into a group of foes then use this to scatter them.

(Down 3)-(Spear Spike) If used on the ground she slashes her (Spear) like an uppercut in front to launch foes which has shorter range Strong and jumps into the dive like all the other ground pound moves, Strong at the start to spike Medium/Powerful based on distance traveled. While going downwards she wraps around her (Spear) using the (Blades) on the sides like a pogo stick to stand on. On impact with the ground it makes a shockwave Weak/Medium based on distance increasing its range and her (Spear) gets stuck in the ground so she has to pull it out as cool down.

(Final Smash 1)-(Trance) Transforms like going into (Trance) in the game giving her extra armor, glow and look shiny. After she transforms she can move around freely and use any action she could before and the transformation lasts 15 seconds like Lucario’s. This doubles her attack power making all of her attacks deal high damage along with high shield damage and push plus her entire (Spear) should do the same amount of damage so you don’t need to space anymore. She also has 50% faster horizontal movement speed, takes half the damage and cannot flinch or be launched while transformed.

This increases all of your stats so you are much faster and increases your damage dealt allowing early K.Os while decreasing damage received and cannot flinch for a short time. The speed increase is necessary since all transformable Final Smashes can be avoided by running away until it wears off, now you can catch them and there shouldn’t be anywhere she can’t get since her jump height is the best in the game.

(Final Smash 2)-(Reis Wind) Charges like in the game before engulfing her and nearby teammates in healthy flames to cast (Regen) which heals 50% damage and you take half damage over 10 seconds. Teammates get healed too but they don’t take less damage only effective if they are nearby when you use this and they only heal 25%. After this is cast she can move around freely while being healed overtime. She is not a White Mage so this Regen move is weaker but you take half the damage and knockback.

Use this when being offensive since you take less damage and defensively to heal the damage already taken and decrease knockback so you can survive longer while being healed. This can be shared with nearby teammates if you have any but the effects are weaker for them though. This was my favorite move in the game you can kind of abuse the glitched ATB gauge with all of the long lasting animations this game had to fully heal everyone with this move.

(Final Smash 3)-(Cherry Blossom) Charges like in the game before pointing her (Spear) above summoning 2 large pink serpent dragon spirits that swirl in a large circle around the middle of the stage to trap foes inside. Trapped foes take rapid damage from cherry blossom petals before creating an explosion at the end to launch diagonally, Strong and should do up to 20% damage total lasting 10 seconds. This has strong gravitational pull around the entire stage to pull foes into the serpents and after they are summoned she can move around freely so again think of this as Rosalina’s (Power Star) knock opponents into it.

This is a Final Smash that covers the whole stage and instead of stars pink serpents fly towards it horizontally to knock them towards the serpents circle increasing its size. It should basically look like Record Keeper’s version of (Cherry Blossom) but in the air instead of on the ground. This move in the game was useless because you usually only fight 2 opponents at a time very rare to see more than 2 better chance at getting 1 opponent it also nullifies Black Mage’s multi target spells better to focus fire in that game.

<(Ground Attacks)>

Dash Attack: Slides before slashing her (Blade) upwards in front like an uppercut to launch like Ike’s same move, Medium.

Held Dash Attack: Spins before thrusting her (Blade) forward to launch like her normal attack in the game, Strong.

Neutral: Slashes upwards and then downwards with the (Blade) in front. The first slash is Medium and the 2nd slash she steps forward and is Strong giving it more range. 2 hit combo attack but it has half the range and both slashes launch cannot combo.

Held Neutral: Sticks her (Spear) in the ground and spins around her (Spear) to knock foes away with her legs hits in front then behind Medium this move may take awhile depending on the speed she spins with. This move I just love if you can visualize it the way I did.

Side: Thrusts her (Spear) forward to knock foes back with the (Blunt) can be angled diagonally, Medium.

Held Side: Slashes horizontally with the (Blade) which will probably require a spin afterward that can be angled diagonally, Strong.

Down: Does a quick sweep kick to pop foes into the air in front of you so you can follow up with an Aerial, this is a Weak physical attack and has the shortest range of all her attacks since the (Spear) isn’t used.

Held Down: Slashes the (Blade) diagonally downwards to slash the ground in front that can hit foes on the ledge like Shulk’s same attack, Medium and has half the range.

Up: Slashes her (Blade) upwards in front like an uppercut to hit in front and above launching vertically, Strong/Medium doing most of the damage at the start in front but has half range.

Held Up: Spins her (Spear) around above like a helicopter to multi hit before launching vertically Medium has long range and should be a great anti Aerial. She should tilt it slightly while spinning so it can hit grounded foes but the tips of the attacks knock foes back Medium so you have to catch them above if you want to multi hit them.

<(Aerial Attacks)>

Neutral: Does a splits kick in the air can hit slightly below and on both sides with her legs Medium (Spear) isn’t used for this attack.

Held Neutral: Spins her Spear around herself like a windmill like Pit’s same move but doesn’t multi hit knocks them away Medium. If you manage to hit with the (Blade) or (Blunt) it will have extra knockback but has half the range.

Front: Slashes in an upwards arc in front with the (Blade) like an uppercut in a crescent shape which can hit from diagonally behind below to diagonally in front above, Medium.

Held Front: Raises her (Spear) above before slamming it downwards in front with the (Blunt) to spike foes but has short range and flips as cool down, Strong and is basically Donkey Kong’s same attack.

Back: Jab kicks behind herself Medium.

Held Back: Stabs behind with the (Blade) like Shulk’s same move, Strong.

Down: Raises her (Spear) above before slashing the (Blade) below to spike foes, Strong should look like Ike’s same move but more range.

Held Down: Dives straight downwards to bounce off of foes with her feet and spike at the start, Medium this should work the same as Greninja’s down aerial looks just like the end of a (Jump) attack.

Up: Slashes her (Spear) horizontally above in an arc to launch foes vertically and starts from behind, Medium has half the range.

Held Up: Thrust her (Spear) upwards catching foes with the (Blade) before pulling it back down to launch vertically, Strong.

<(Smash Attacks)>

All of these can stab to catch foes with the (Blade) to combo into the slash that can also hit foes that avoid the initial stab to launch but the (Blade) deals significantly more damage than the (Pole) so they need to be in the right spot the stab automatically hits with the (Blade) to do maximum damage. These all use the full extent of her Spear’s range but they have slow startup.

Side: Does a spin then stabs the (Blade) forward to catch foes then slashes it upwards to launch vertically, Strong/Powerful with the (Blade), Medium/Strong with the (Pole).

Up: Crouches before standing up to thrust upwards with the (Blade) to catch foes then slashes downwards in front to launch diagonally, Strong/Powerful with the (Blade), Medium/Strong with the (Pole).

Down: Crouches and stabs the (Blade) forward to catch foes then spins around to slash behind to launch horizontally at a high angle behind her, Medium/Strong with the (Blade), Weak/Medium with the (Pole).

<(Grab and Throws)>

Grab: Grabs a foe with her left hand while holding her (Spear) with her right hand.

Pummel: Shoves foes in the stomach with the (Blunt) of her spear to do 3% damage each.

Front: Kicks the foe forward like Ike’s same throw, Medium.

Back: Tosses the foe behind then slashes them with the (Blade) to launch backwards, Medium.

Down: Slams the foe on the ground then raises her (Spear) above before stabbing them with the (Blade) to launch diagonally dealing high damage, Strong K.O Throw.

Up: Shoves the foe with the (Blunt) with both hands like an uppercut to launch vertically, Medium.

<(Shield Pose and Dodges)>

Like the Mages all of her dodges display the word “Miss” if an attack passes through the area she would have been in.

Shield Pose: Puts her spear in front holding it diagonally like when defending in the game.

Air: Should look the same as Mario’s same dodge but she holds her Spear in her right hand.

Spot: Dodges like she does in the game. It’s hard to describe it’s like a crouch in the background and the closest thing to it is Captain Falcon’s spot dodge but she would be holding her Spear and leaning back even more. You’d have to see it in game to know what I’m talking about.

Front: Same as Ike’s.

Back: Same as Ike’s.

<(The End)>

Again taking feedback on her moveset if you can suggest improvements on them let me know but stay true to the character Dragon Knight abilities only and she uses a (Spear) she doesn't have many physical attacks without using it. Now on why Freya is a much better pick than Kain and I don't really care for Kain if my moveset wasn't convincing already.

If I had a choice of a character that wasn’t Black or White Mage from this franchise she is the only one I would choose because she actually developed a class that doesn’t just spam attack because they actually have other moves. Nobody’s gonna remember her If you watched Naruto her story is similar to Sasuke’s maybe worst she lost an entire kingdom whole race almost wiped out had to watch Cleyra their last line of defense get torn down and she couldn’t do anything about it. She arrives late searching for their so called “Best” knight for 3 years comes home to a catastrophe. I guess you could say this is an emotional pick since I get offended if people use rats as shade.

She may have seemed creepy at first but she has the strongest will power of any character I know of after all that happened she always stayed focused and was nice to everyone friend or foe. She’s also not just the usual stereotyped character in fact nobody exactly speaks like she does and it’s strange nobody of her race speaks the way she does. I believe she deserves to be in Smash even though she lacks the credentials and popularity that the Mages have since she only appeared in 1 game late in the series and she wasn’t a main character but she has a lot of move set potential plus she uses a Spear which nobody else in Smash has if you want to be unique about it. It’s not like characters haven’t popped out of nowhere before.

Also if she gets hit physically by something big she literally gets knocked the hell out no other way to say it. She literally gets launched airborne lands violently and struggles to get back up nobody else gets hit as hard as she does. When she does get knocked out she really does look dead.

In Record Keeper her Legend Sphere makes her literally an undead warrior she comes back in the 4th Quarter with 2 minutes left basically if her health drops very low she enters (Trance) and fully heals she’s always the last to die it’s called (Undying Love). Guess it’s based on what happened to her in the game I completely understand it her mental strength I have huge respect for her.

In her game she single handedly developed the Dragoon class like a lot of other characters in the 9th game did for their class and she is the most versatile and my favorite party member since she fits in any group. She is a Knight that could be used in both rows had high evasion and speed along with decent attack and very effective against dragons. Her (Dragon) abilities are on par with the Mage’s spells so she doesn’t have to spam regular Attack all the time like most characters that aren’t mages in the series making her the best non mage character other than that Thief that uses a double edged Spear. She is to me the best character in the game and easily the best Dragoon in the series not Kain by a long shot which everybody is going to vote for I’m sure, I’m not sure why it’s even a debate what has he done? All he can do is (Jump) and use (Lancet) just like all the other Dragoons but whats funny is Freya cannot use (Lancet) for some reason instead it's (Lancer) and damages their MP instead does not heal.

Her (Dragon) abilities are extremely useful she basically has a move for every situation including 2 moves in (Luna) and (Six Dragons) which are very risky to use and are situational but can really change a battle. (Reis Wind) and (White Draw) were my favorite moves and I usually used her as a back row support character than for offense in boss fights unless she doesn’t have to use them then I would move her to the front row to attack. (Jump) sucks offensively in this game so I don’t bother using it unless she’s low on health to avoid dying since she’s up there forever it’s better used for defense.

I used (Reis Wind) to heal the entire party overtime so we can survive longer without a White Mage and heal in between turns kind of over powered since the ATB Gauge is broken in this game. I used (White Draw) to replenish magic for the whole party so the team could use more powerful attacks and it’s really the only way since you can’t buy Ethers once you run out you can only get them from drops or stealing them.

Now for her struggle there will be spoilers. Very bad things happen to this character and I feel really bad for her and I’ve never been affected by a character like this before. She literally loss everything she knew in a very short time span her world just fell apart around her and she couldn’t do anything about it. She is one of the last surviving Burmecians who are going extinct after everything that happened and I have no idea what she’s supposed to do after the game is over she’s left with nothing everybody else other than her and Vivi had happy endings maybe Amarant too I’m not sure. A lot of people have no sympathy at all for this character just because she’s a rat which is very disappointing Burmecia is always raining wonder what that means.

I don’t understand how she can stand or even sleep at night with all that has happened and she’s way to forgiving because she makes some questionable decisions considering the circumstances. Seeing what the Black Mages of this game did she is much to kind to Vivi and I would think she would get flash backs just by looking at him she did attack him but I believe she can see he wasn’t like the rest helps him gain confidence since he’s always scared and freezes up. When she arrives at Alexandria I wonder what she could be thinking seeing how they were the ones that attacked them. Beatrix basically led the whole massacre and gets away without punishment yet she teams up with her anyway. I would definitely have a problem with what her boyfriend did when he could have been here to help stop what happened which would mean she would still be there too seeing how they were their best knights but they both departed leaving the kingdom vulnerable not gonna say his name doesn’t deserve it.

She wasn’t strong enough starting off and she didn’t have any of her (Dragon) abilities yet if anyone would have a chance he would have since he was their best knight that we know of. He said nothing of where he was going or how long he would be gone. What he did was extremely selfish and he basically ran away right after she fell in love with him and 2 years later she left to look for him which is why both of them weren’t there. When he did return she wasn’t even angry with him even though he came with basically a slap to the face and then left again for some reason, even though they were under attack the whole reason he returned for and is basically never seen again right before the next fight with Beatrix which he could have helped in. He’s just a coward to me and I hate him the only thing you know about him is from notes on some of the Key Items and their really just quotes.

How she got through all of that without retaliating I do not know and it seems a little off and she has to have a lot of bottled up anger. The only purpose in her life left was to defeat Kuja since he took everything she had and she has more of a reason to fight him than anybody else had.

In terms of the game itself 9 is the only 3D Final Fantasy I liked even though the graphics aren’t very good and I will always prefer the original 6 but 10 was okay. It had a lot of potential that was missed because of the lack of gameplay everything was focused on cut scenes and storyline there are very few side quest and talking to people doesn’t exactly give you any tips and very few hidden areas. The music wasn’t up to Final Fantasy standards at all I only liked about 10 of the songs because most of them are generic since there are around 150 of them. You go hours in between dungeons all the time and they keep splitting up my party and Freya is always 10 levels behind because they take her away more than anybody maybe Quina is gone longer because he wanders off and always seems to literally drift back on your path it’s like his destiny. This game was nothing but cut scenes there were probably only 8 dungeons I only consider 5 to be real dungeons in the entire game.

The battle system was broken because the ATB gauge keeps moving during all of these absurdly long animations never use a summon they can take up to 20 seconds if doom or poison is on you your going to die because the timer keeps ticking because the ATB gauge never ever stops. To start a battle it takes 15 seconds to load every single time this is the slowest Final Fantasy that I have played that isn’t turn based. The first 5 hours of the game is the worst you really don’t get to play until you get Freya where Chaos begins the game is also very linear you can’t explore or get an air ship until near the very end. You do relatively low damage throughout the game until about 80% of the way through then your damage sky rockets near max somehow but the boss’s health never really gets that much higher than regular enemies so battles are long to begin the game and short by the end.

My favorite party that I used to beat the game since that’s the only time you can choose to not bring Zidane was Vivi, Freya, Amarant and Eiko in that order top to bottom and I feel like Amarant shines more than anyone else in that group because he has Curse to force a vulnerability helping Vivi’s damage and Aura to give everyone Auto Life to automatically revive. Also I hated how it forced you to use (Body Temp) to prevent freeze and heat from 1 hit K.Oing your party members every monster late game seemed to have it. Support abilities weren’t as over powered as relics in the 6th game but you can equip a lot of them at once.

I liked most the characters they are the most developed in the series my favorites were Freya Amarant and Eiko. The 2 I hated are Zidane and Garnet the primary protagonist that are extremely annoying and the most stereotyped characters in the game. I don’t understand how anybody could like Zidane and he looks like a girl but you’re forced to use him the entire game, he has the most over powered trance since you can hit near max very early in the game and he uses a double edged spear for some reason even though he’s a Thief dealing probably the most damage but his actual thief skills are the most useless of all characters in the entire game and some don’t even use magic points. Only those 2 Eiko and Vivi up to a point actually matter story wise while everyone else is just there helping Freya is there for vengeance, it doesn’t feel like Zidane becomes the main character until near the very end to be honest it’s mostly about Garnet. Anyway that would be game.

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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