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What 2D metroid could be part 2

So I'm making a part 2 of my what 2D metroid could be thingy. This is basically a suggestion to what the next 2D metroid game could be, as metroid prime 4 is a ways away. Feel free to put feedback in the comments, and I may edit this to match your suggestions. Also, this is more of a metroid 6 suggestion than a metroid 5 suggestion due to the fact that metroid 5 will probably follow the plot thread of the evil chozos. Anyway,let's start with the intro cut scene(skipable of course) "... So that's my story. You want a recap? Well, alright then. years ago, a galactic federation research group captured a creature they called a "metroid" from planet SR388. While on the way back, the ship containing metroids were ambushed by space pirates, where the biological AI mother brain multiplied them and planned to use them to take over the galaxy. The galactic federation sent me to destroy the metroids on zebes, and mother brain. I succeeded in destroying the pirate base on zebes, my nemisis, Ridley, and the space pirate mother ship. However, 3 frigate ships were orbiting Zebes at the time, filled to the brim with metroids. The pirates began injecting the creatures with a substance known as phazon, and used cybernetic enhancments fo. One of the creatures even became a phazon clone of none other than myself. I destroyed all phazon in the universe, along with the metroids aboard the frigate ships. After these 2 incidents, the galactic federation decided the metroids were to dangerous to be kept alive, and sent me to kill every last one of them. I killed all metroids, except for a baby larva which I took in. It was on my way back to my ship that Ridley, revived from cybernetic enhancements during the phazon crisis, came after me and tried to steal the baby metroid. I knocked his cybernetics offline, and took the larva to the ceres space colony for research. However, Ridley followed me to the station, and stole the baby metroid. I followed him to the rebuilt space pirate base on zebes, where I killed ridley for good, and confronted mother brain. After a long battle, I was near dead when the baby sacrificed it's own life to save me. Filled with anger, I destroyed mother brain, and caused the entire planet to explode in the process. Soon after, I ran into the 7th platoon on the galactic federation bottle ship, where I learned a small group in the federation that had gone rouge were cloning metroids, to be used as bio weapons. My former commander from my federation days, Adam Malkovich, sacrificed his life to kill the metroids. Later, I was asked by the federation to escort researchers on SR388 so they could collect specimens from the planet for the BSL research station. It was there that I was infected by the X parasite, the creatures that killed off the population of SR388, and the reason metroids existed. The BSL station was overrun with X, including an X mimicking me, named the SA-X. Teamed up with a computer with an AI with a clone of the consciousness of Adam Malkovich, we blew up the BSL station and planet SR388 to stop the X, but not before learning of the fedaration's plan to use metroid's they had clone, along with the X parasites, as bio weapons. 1 year later, I was ambushed by federation police in the middle of space. They jumped aboard my ship, but instead of arresting me and Adam, they took some of my DNA, and left me unconscious. Adam predicted that they were using the X sediment and Metroid DNA inside of me to create X and Metroid clones in every last outpost they can get to. I must now bring the federation to an end, or the galaxy will be in ruins. (ok ok I know that this is WAY to long, but there is a LOT of backstory to cram in, so maybe they could do it star wars style, I dunno!) Adam appears on screen, and notifies samus of a distress signal coming from a nearby cargo ship(now let me get this straight, this game doesn't have the style of storytelling that fusion, or super metroid has, but instead a mix. Adam fills you in on story elements you need to know at the beginning of each level, and when I say level I mean space station or planet, because like in hunters and corruption, this takes place across multiple terrestrial bodies in space. However, with a few exceptions at the beginning and end, everything else is subtext.) Adam informs you that due to the recent assault from the galactic federation, you have lost all of your power ups, however, this has caused a suit glitch that caused it to revert to it's normal, non fusion-suit state. When you land on the ship, there's nothing... just quiet ambience. Then a space pirate comes out of nowhere, yes, a single space pirate, jumps out of nowhere. But, instead of attacking samus, he explains a few things. One: no, the space pirates were not destroyed when zebes exploded, but only weakened into hiding. He tells samus that this is what the pirates feared since the federation was formed, and therefor, they were not pirates, but freedom fighters. The space pirate tells samus where the federation is preforming the cloning experiments: Planet norion(from prime 3), A space station in the middle of the asteroid belt where Ceres station once was which was built to preform science experiments, like, for instance, cloning, and a military outpost on a moon within area X(the weird X thing you see behind Ceres station in super metroid, and behind the BSL station in Fusion.). It also appears that the federation have stashes of your weapons in each of these places, due to the enhanced tech being good for weaponization. The pirate just finished explaining these things, when a federation ship comes out of nowhere, and tries shooting down the cargo ship. The ship is badly damaged, and everyone needs to escape before it blows. This. Is. A. Ah shoot you know what it is it's an escape sequence dang it. You now have to navigate these previously empty hallways, but now with 2 minutes to get back to your ship, and federation drones trying to shoot you. When you escape, Adam tells you he heard the whole thing, and that their first destination was planet norion, where all the other pirates are going to plant an assault. You arrive on norion to find the space pirates and federation troopers are shooting the heck out of each other. Adam tells you that the federation is using an outpost here to clone metroids, and raise them into omega metroids and queen metroids. The entrance is sealed to well for you to make it in without super missiles, so you'll have to sneak in through the vents. The ship lands on top of the building, where there is a hole you need the morph ball to get through to if you go right. If you go left, you see the morph ball upgrade. You grab it and use it to sneak in. You find a door that can get you out of the ventilation system, but it needs missiles to enter. You keep going through the vents, which are scattered with vermin. You eventually find missiles and go back to the missile door and enter, where multiple federation troopers are waiting, and can only be defeated via your missiles, You do so, and enter the next room. A few rooms in and you find an entrance hatch that needs bombs. You eventually find some bombs and enter, only to find you need the ice beam to climb some rippers to get up to where you need to be. There was an ice beam up where you were before, but you couldn't get to there because it was to high. You also can't get back up to where the ice beam was because the way to the hatch is to high to reach without the high jump(or infinite bomb jump/wall jump) So you go through a few hallways, find the high jump, and use it to get back through the hatch, and then to the ice beam, which you use to climb the rippers, and get to the sub boss, the SUPER METROID. Instead of doing DNA clones one by one, they cloned 1 metroid, and used beta rays to multiply it, meaning that the metroid became huge. How do you beat it, you might ask? Well, there was actually one upgrade that the player collects that I didn't mention before, the charge beam. It comes after the first wave of federation troopers I mentioned earlier, and it's right in the middle of a morph ball tunnel so there is no getting away from it, 5 fully charged ice shots from your arm cannon freezes the super metroid, and then after that you have to barage it with super missiles. The super metroid doesn't latch on to you, instead you get thrown across the room by it's touch, dealing about 20 damage. It only take about 5 missiles after it's frozen to kill it, and there is normal enemies around the room that naturally spawn to make sure you don't run out. It's still relativity difficult, but not to hard, surprisingly. This is mainly because it's an early game boss, and a sub boss at that, so it shouldn't be to hard. Anyways, when you continue on, there are more metroids, but they're just alphas and the occasional gamma, and they die in 2-3 hits from a fully charged ice beam. From here you need to get the varia suit to go through an area that's super cold so that it can trap the queen metroid they bred. You get the varia suit, and then get to the queen. It's mostly like the fight in the original metroid 2, except you don't have good enough gear to actually destroy it, and that includes no power bombs yet. Therefor, you have to do it the old fashioned way with missiles and bombs. You already have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 extra energy tanks now, so it should still be hard, but not insanely impossible. You're to weak to kill it, so instead when you get it low enough, the queen gets really angry and starts spewing fire at the ceiling... which causes it to collapse on her. Great job, you completed this area! However, this games plot not only requires you to go from outpost to outpost, but it also requires going back too previously explored outposts for new upgrades, and occasionally to fight sub bosses. After beating the queen you get the power grip,and then go through the super missile hatch that leads to the battle outside. You use the power grip to climb back to your ship. Adam tells you that the federation is cloning X parasites at their military base in Area X, and are genetically modifying them to follow orders! The ship takes you there, and you find a door that needs power bombs to progress through. Instead, you jump up, and use the power grip to go through a small morph ball tunnel. There, you see a subtext cut scene while in the tunnel, where you see federation workers with a strange device, which seems to be forming a core X... then they combine it with some of samus' natural DNA to make the new SA-X. The SA-X marches off with 2 federation troopers. You proceed through the inner workings of the outpost, until you eventually find the space jump, you use the space jump to get the super missiles, and then use the super missiles on a super missile door, and pop back to your ship. Adam informs you that to get into the main part of the outpost, you need power bombs, which he says is in the new ceres space colony. You go there, and use the super missiles on a door to get inside. The door locks behind you, the door in front of you is also locked. You use bombs to get down through a tunnel, where you find the sub boss, crocomire, who has severed electrical wires. Right before you see crocomire, you obtain powerbombs, which is what you need to proceed through the colony at area X. You push crocomire back like it super metroid, but this time he doesn't fall on his own. Instead at the end of the hallway is a power bomb door right in front of a glass tunnel which would lead to the vacuum of space if broken. Either you'd be tempted by the power bomb door or remember from super metroid, but what you need to do is push crocomire to the end of the hallway, and lay down a powerbomb, causing the door to open and the glass to shatter. You and crocomire both fall, but you have the space jump and can escape through the door, which you do. In the next room you get the power back online and head back to your ship(you need the diffusion missiles to go further into ceres.) You then head back to area X(I just realized, that name...) and use the power bombs to get into the main control center. You proceed to find the door destroyed(of course) so you bomb the floor, and proceed. Yep, we're facing a fusion-style SA-X encounter sequence now. The SA-X is in a testing chamber, and it's told to lay down a power bomb. When it does the floor goes away, and you have to roll to safety, just like the 2nd SA-X encounter in fusion. You make it to the next room, a recharge station, heal up, then go back into the room with the SA-X encounter. Everyone is gone now, allowing you to power bomb the area yourself, and proceed on wards. Eventually, you get the speed booster, which leads you to the wave beam, which leads to a chase sequence with the SA-X, which leads to the plasma beam, which leads you to enter the room the SA-X was in, which now has a hole in the floor, which leads you to the boss room(you have the plasma beam, and charge beam so you can fight the SA-X now, but since you have the plasma beam you don't freeze it) It's an intense fight, but it goes basically the same way the fusion SA-X fight goes, except this time you actually absorb the core X and receive the DIFFUSION MISSILES. You then go back to your ship, go to ceres station, and use the diffusion missiles to proceed onward. When you arrive at ceres for the 2ND time, Adam tells you that the federation have found a way to use a teeny tiny strand X dna to reincarnate dead beings, due to an accidental creature being revived from X DNA. Ridley. When you beat neo Ridley, and the core x, a minuscule part of the X got away, and formed back into Ridley, but was then shoved away by Ridley's strong willpower. It's not an X mimicking Ridley, nor is it a clone, but the regular, full on Ridley. Same one, same memories, same consciousness. You use the diffusion missiles to proceed through ceres station. You find a pool of lava blocking your path from entering, so you return to your ship, and are told that the gravity suit to continue is on norion. You head to norion, find the gravity suit upgrade is blocked by something that needs the screw attack to get to. You find the screw attack, get the gravity suit, then go back to ceres, and fight the sub-boss, the reincarnated Kraid. You defeat him(oh and btw he's the hardest Kraid boss out of all of the other Kraid fights due to him being a late game boss)and get the grapple lasso. The grapple beam is not needed due to you already having the space jump, so the grapple lasso is it's replacement, built for opening hatches with handles. There was a hatch that needed the grapple lasso to open further back, so you do. After you get to that area, there are multiple puzzles you need to complete(along with multiple federation marines to blast a hole in). After completing the puzzles, you find an area a lot like the one that Ridley stole the baby metroid in.. that's on purpose because the revived Ridley comes dead out of nowhere, and we're now in a boss fight that's basically the one at the beginning of super metroid, except it's a real boss fight. You beat it of course, but you don't get a power up, instead, Adam sends you a transmission, saying "get to the ship young lady we need to talk." Adam tells you that cloned X and Metroids are currently in galactic federation HQ, being controlled by a new mother brain AI built by the federation, based off of MB in other M, except it's the mother brain from metroid one, super metroid, and zero mission, not MB from Other M. You get sent to HQ, and find the metroids and the X working together to beat you. One metroid even evolved into an omega metroid, and you need to kill it. When you do, you go through more hallways with X and metroids, until you find the Mother Brain Chamber. It's a lot like the fight in super metroid, actually. You go, shatter mother brain's tank, shoot her down, and then she kicks in her mech body. Except here's the difference: There is no super metroid, and you were expecting mother brain to use her robot body this time. Meaning, for one, instead of boss music of a scary monster dominating you, it's a remix of the escape music from the original metroid 1(no alarms of course, closer to AM2R's escape theme), and the fight, while it's still scripted, it's still a real challenge, harder than any other mother brain fight in metroid as a whole, in fact. Eventually, she fires the laser brain attack, but you can dodge it this time. But, there has actually been metroids and X watching your fight in the backround, not helping mother brain, just watching. And the laser brain attack effects them. Absorb even 1 X that took the blast, and guess what, YOU HAVE THE HYPER BEAM FROM SUPER METROID! But the fight STILL isn't easy! The Backround enemies left once you got the hyper beam, so it's just you and mother brain now, she keeps firing laser brain attacks, along with other hard to dodge ones, but you can still dodge them. You don't just annihilate her with the hyper beam either, so it's still a very hard fight. Eventually, her colors go down to red, and... She blasts one more laser brain at you, and at the same time you blast your hyper beam at full charge(it's a bit of a cutscene) so now you are both blasting each other's blast, harry potter style, and you have to keep spamming the shoot button to advance your attack on her's, if you don't then her blast will hit your's and you'll insta-die. But, once your attack get's to her, she gets blown to bits. ... and it causes another crazy escape sequence. When you beat mother brain in metroid 1 and zero mission, it blew up torian. When you beat mother brain in super metroid, zebes exploded. Now it's an even further scale, beating mother brain causes an explosion as big as a supernova. Since the Mother Brain fight used the normal escape theme, this escape(as well as the one at the beginning ) uses a remixed version of metroid prime's escape theme. But this is no ordinary escape sequence, no no no. Like I said, the explosion is supernova sized, meaning even when you get to your ship, you still need to fly out of the blast radius. Yep, it immediately takes you to your ship, but then you have to undergo a mode-7 ESCAPE sequence with you trying to fly your ship away. It's on rail, but you have 5 minutes to escape from the moment mother brain dies. You are swarmed by enemy ships and asteroids as you leave. When you get shot or get run into something you slow down for a second or 2. Slow down to much, and you won't be able to escape the blast radius in time. If you get away, then a cut scene plays of you flying away from the blast, and it saying "the operation was completed successfully!" It then says 1 month later, and shows that they have formed a new federation, which Adam is in charge of. They cloned a single metroid to study it's energy producing qualities, but they say they won't use it for bad, or make more(which is the complete and utter truth.) It then shows Samus flying away. It starts to play super metroid's main theme, and it shows your time and item percentage. Then, regardless of what ending you got, you see the ending photo shoot with samus, which instead of showing her hanging out, or posing for the camera, it shows her living through her life... It shows her getting a house, it shows her doing other things, and the last photo is of her, grown old, smiling at the camera. Because this, is where samus concluded her adventures, this is when samus truly brought peace to the galaxy, and this, is metroid, FINALE
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