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Phils Game Music Similarities #32 - First Bloody Thumbs Part Three


Featuring Gradius 3 and Rambo.

Greetings game music lovers,

while my primary passion are platformers and rpgs, there was a time where I suddenly developed a knack for 2D shmups. R-Type, Darius, Radiant Silvergun ... I spent hours upon hours dodging and shooting thousands of enemy ships until their economy supposedly collapsed. I developed the most serious pain on my fingertips since the Metal Gear Solid torture scene (pun explained). One of the games that gave me an extremely hard time was Gradius 3 for arcade (1989). I murdered at least controller on trying to beat the cube attack on the PS2 III/IV collection.

The original arcade version was rather unpolished and difficult, so that it had to be partially redone for the SNES, removing some of the more unconventional and naughty bits with the result becoming one of the best shooters for the console. For some reason, a fan found it necessary to fix the occasional slowdown on that version which, back then, made it a lot easier:


Feels like a good opportunity to prank someone who uses to be good at the original. ;)

Anyways, one of the more notorious stages of the original game was the second one, the bubble stage. It featured a soothing, mysterious electronic theme named "Aqua Illusion":

The main melody reminds me to some extend of the recurring leitmotif from the soundtrack of the movie Rambo - First Blood Part II (1985):

There must be at least one composer at Konami who likes 80s action movies (see Contra and Metal Gear).

Phil is too hot. Summer is coming. Out.

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