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Why Cant They Make a (Good) Sequel?

Ive been gaming since i was 3, the first system i got was my good N64. My first game was Cruisn USA, a racing title. I must say that that game was one of the best n64 titles that no one ever bought. It had about 20 tracks, 5 cars, and a "Cruise" mode that allowed you to play the entire game through, which is worth doing over a few times. The level design was excellent, and the multiplayer was fun. A year later, Cruisin The World was released, a LOT more cars, more tracks, and the same fun cruisin mode. More years later, Cruisin Exotica came out, with more cars, actually exciting and almost cinematic courses, etc... A sequel has not came out since. Come on! Cruisin The World has made great sells, same with Exotica. Why no sequel? Not even a VC release? Nintendo owes it to all of you to remake this game, and you would love it.

This brings me to a couple of other games that Nintendo has to sequel: Pokemon Stadium and Snowboard Kids. Some people may say "Ninevolt, there was pokemon coliseum and pokemon battle revolution?" First off, Pokemon Battle Revolution wasnt a game. Secondly, Coloseum sucked. Its storyline was terrible, and no ability to choose any pokemon you wanted. It was awful. Snowboard Kids was a childhood favorite of mine, a fun snowboarding kids game (multiplayer is fantastic). Sadly, SBK for the DS came out last year. I picked it up, and the guy at gamestop literally said "Dont buy it, its horrible." Well I bought it. I almost cried. I dont even want to share my disappointment that welled up inside me as I bought it.

Cmon Nintendo, bring back some of your classics.
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