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Octopath Traveler Early Game Review


This game came out last year, but in a few weeks it's coming to PC, so I thought I'd review it. So, did playing this game feel like an octopus was sucking out my brains, or did it make me feel like I could play it straight until next october? *clap* *clap* GAME REVIEW

Let's get this out of the way. Octopath travel is a massive game, it has GREAT atmosphere, it has multiple paths for all 8 characters, all with multiple chapters, and when you're not following the story you'll find yourself searching every nook and cranny for loot, grinding against enemies just for fun, and revisiting old areas to spend the loot you found, which is really easy because you can fast travel to any city you've been to(and completed the story in). This games content is BAFFELING, and frankely, that is an unbelievably good thing. I just feel bad for completionists.

This game is a turn-based RPG, with characters gaining levels after gaining experience points. When you're running around in the wild, you may find cool creatures to fight you. Each character has the attack, defend, magic, flee, and item buttons to use, aswell as a boost meter which takes 1 turn to charge up and allows you to attack multiple times in 1 turn. Every turn you don't use it meens you can use it to get in 1 extra hit next turn. Your party can have up to 4 characters, each with their own unique magic abilities and weapons that can be used to exploit enemy weaknesses. Your character's are the 8 main characters of octopath traveler, each has there own magic and skills. There are also status affects that enemies inflict on you. Sadly, this game only allows 4 characters per party, so to complete the story you'll need to either do multiple runthroughs, or swap out party members. There also also inns in every town, which, for a price, allow you to refill all your party's stats. You can also find items to refill your HP, or magic at stores, aswell as new weapons for your party. Each character can hold up to 2 weapons, and swap out between them any time during battle. They have default weapons that they start out with, but you can swap them out with new weapons once you buy them. To call this game just another RPG would be wrong, because there is so much more about it.

The story is one of the most in-depth stories in a game out there. I won't spoil anything, but basically the 8 main characters are thrown into an adventure, and then after finishing it, they decide they liked it an leave their town in search of adventure(or something else, ussually something else). Sadly, you can only go through 4 characters at a time, but they each have different chapters, and the cutscenes are awesome. Overall, the game's story is solid at worst, and phenominally awesome at best, and each character's story is awesome. You can even hear travel banter between different characters in your party as you progress through one character's story(and oh yeah, you can go through multiple stories at once with each person in your party). Also, each character's skill can be used in and out of battle. Warriors can challenge civilians to a fight, Scholers can scrutinize civilians, and merchants can trade with them.

The artstyle is unbalanced. However, it is in the most absolute best way possible. People and objects like signs and trees are shown in beautiful 16-bit pixel art, while houses, structures, and the environment is in a glorified 3D environment. It even keeps this style during battle.

Speaking of battle, let's talk a bit more about enemies. There's one enemy that functions somewhat like a roamer in pokemon(It might have something special about it, but I haven't gotten that far), where it dodges most attacks, only takes 1 damage when it DOES get hit, and runs away during it's first turn. Other enemies have unique abilities, and have specific weakneses to certain weapons and magic, and this even includes bosses. Sadly, the bosses are kinda the low point. They're hard an unique, which is cool, but I think I speak for everyone when I say it takes a LOT of grinding to beat them(which is kinda fun in this game, but that's not the point) and even when you are high enough to stand a chance, they take AGES to be beaten. They're just tedious, and that's it. Luckly, that's the only major complaint I have.

The game's music is calm and serene, while still holding up the atmosphere. It's absolutelly what a game's atmosphere should be like this.

I'd probably give this game a perfect score if it weren't for the bosses. Though the only 4 per party thing is annoying, it's not enough to bring the score down by even 1 point, but the bosses are. Even then it's still a really solid game, and I recomend it to anyone who enjoys story, RPGs, or exploration. I rate it a 13/15.

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