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Shakedown Hawaii's first patch fixed the majority of my problems with it, those being the map's readability and some minor bugs. The My Time At Portia developers should take notes...





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About windbladesone of us since 7:33 PM on 03.11.2016

Hello, my name is windblades,or Silva, or Michael, whichever you prefer. My identity isn't a secret, just something I don't go out of my way to broadcast at the moment.

I'm a mixed media artist, leaning significantly more toward digital art over pencils on paper.

I've been writing and drawing in some form for most of my life, though with periodic hiatuses as my motivation waxes and wanes.

Not sure what else to say. If you have questions, I'm most likely willing to answer them, and I'm virtually always willing to provide constructive criticism (or receive it).

Oh, right: I'm also willing to take book and music recommendations at any time. Never can have too many options on either front.