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What am I Playing


I know I’ve been very slow on reviews of late and I blame an EvilTedyBear for that but I figured I’d give you an update on what I’m playing.  You should have already read my review of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Legacy of the First Blade but what’s been keeping most of my time on the PC is Elite Dangerous.  Somewhere between Earth and Beyond and Star Citizen resides Elite Dangerous and it is damn entertaining.  With the rapid decline of Star Trek Online as it continues a legacy of reskinned and repeated grind content I turned toward the next adventure in a space game and thanks to EvilTedyBear I found my way into Elite Dangerous.  I’ll be posting a separate review of it shortly (I hope).  It is harder to review an MMO (or at least an MMO-ish game) when you haven’t seen the whole game yet.  Though the key of a good MMO is to make you want to see the whole game; even if that is statistically impossible.

On the One I am still playing AC Odyssey as it released the next DLC, “Fate of Atlantis.”  I haven’t gotten very far into it but I am looking forward to continuing the journey.  Alternately, I had been playing Lord of the Rings Shadow of War which is a technically advanced and graphically beautiful game.  Unfortunately it is also a very repetitive and a little boring, too.  I needed a break from it so the DLC for AC offered a pretty good alternative. 

On the 360 I’m about to begin Dead Island: Riptide.  I greatly enjoyed the first Dead Island so I’m very hopeful for Riptide.  I should have gone right into this after finishing the main Odyssey story but the first Dead Island was a very stressful and anxiety inducing game; which is what it SHOULD be.

Now:  What are *YOU* playing?

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