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Assassins' Creed Odyssey's First Blade


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Legacy of the First Blade (mini review for the episodic DLC)

Legacy of the First Blade introduces our Spartan to Darius, the creepy mentor you didn’t know you wanted.  Darius, while not the first Assassin is very much the man who brings us the first hidden blade.  He also brings with him a child who becomes the romantic interest to our hero (who from here on it I’ll just use Alexios since that’s who I played) and eventual spouse and family.  Darius also brings with him the Old Order (and that should get your attention Templar fans!) who is the power adjacent to the Cult of Kosmos and equally as obnoxious.  Beware continuing:  There may be spoilers.

What Legacy of the First Blade delivers along with some more traditional AC content is a great deal of pathos for Alexios as he first gains a little nuclear family and then promptly loses them (and hey, if you didn’t expect that to happen you REALLY didn’t pay attention in the Greek Tragedy unit in high school) to the Old Order.  What starts as a fight for survival because the order wants Alexios and those like him tainted with Precursor Civilization blood all dead it swiftly turns into a tale of revenge not unlike AC II.  The end cut scene does an amazing job of stitching together the threads of Odyssey to Origins completing the link from Alexios/Kassandra to the “modern” brotherhood; likely up to the days of the late and lamented Desmond Miles.

What the DLC does right is weave that story into the existing Odyssey universe giving another relatable layer to our proto-assassins.  The action is fun and challenging and the boss fights are more than just a few quick time events.  Most of the final bosses for the episodes made me try a couple of different tactics before I could get the better of the bad guy.  By far the ship combat remains wholly entertaining even introducing a greek fire flame thrower.

What the DLC does wrong is rely on the trope of the creepy mentor who is supposedly so bad-ass that he gets away with threatening a man a third of his age who is all but superhuman but when shit hits the fan the creepy super mentor winds up letting the other guy do most of the work.  I mean sure, that had to be that way (Alexios doing the work) or it would have been an interactive movie rather than a game but it is still fun to point it out.  The aforementioned greek fire flame thrower is very flashy  and very amusing but honestly I found ramming and arrows to still be far more effective. 

The DLC did face a bit of controversy shoehorning the protagonist into a hetero relationship despite any previous choices you made as the character but forgiving that social faux pas the story was well written and was reminiscent of such classics as “Clash of the Titans” and while certainly fantastical compared to previous titles I ask everyone to remember that this is an homage to the Greek Myths and it SHOULD be fantastical. 

Overall, Legacy of the First Blade expanded my enjoyment of the AC Odyseey universe more than the “Lost Tales of Greece” did as the latter tends to feel a lot more like fetch and kill your quotient quests.   It is good enough to keep the game interesting more than six months later and I’m highly looking forward to diving into the new DLC “The Fate of Atlantis.”

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