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(Smash White Mage Blueprints)


White Mage will be shorter than Black Mage his blueprints have been done here: https://www.destructoid.com/--552675.phtml#post or check my profile it has more information on what I'm trying to do here anyways lets start.

(2nd)-(Final Fantasy)-(White Mage) Her text won’t be long covered most my opinions on Final Fantasy in Black Mage’s section. This is the most useful class in Final Fantasy and my 2nd favorite character. She saves a lot of money on potions and equipment because she can cast defensive and offensive status boost and of course primarily healing spells to save everybody’s lives. She can also use negative statuses to handicap enemies as well but not as many as Black Mage has. Black Mage and White Mage make a dangerous team they counter each other’s weaknesses except for physical defense and low health but she can cast spells to help with that too. If you connect with (Slow) Black Mage’s (Firaga) or a Smash Attack is basically guaranteed to hit and she can buff teammates with (Targeting) only works with Defensive (White Magic) to increase stats or put up barriers. It would be a crime if you put Black Mage in and not White Mage they should really be released together.

In Final Fantasy if facing a boss that uses high leveled magic and my physical party members can’t handle it just the 2 of them can beat the boss on their own I always believe in them every time this works best in fights against Summons. White Mage is pretty much required if you have a Black Mage because he is basically useless because he dies very quickly without the protect spell. Even though if I have Black Mage in the party I will always give my best equipment to White Mage because if she goes down the whole party goes down, I am a defensive player and you can’t do anything offensively if you’re dead anyway. Not having a White Mage makes things very challenging the entire team struggles to survive late game without group heals and Shell and Protect spells hope you found and held on to your elixirs if you leave her out.

In Smash It is going to be hard for her to exist in this game on her own since she doesn’t have many offensive spells she’s a team player to the core without a team she’s going to struggle that’s just how it is. When I use Palutena I just imagine I’m using White Mage but without all of the spells and I borrowed some of her animations as well this character’s normal attacks are a mix of Palutena and Zelda’s that robe restricts a lot of her moves but she is a Mage they have to wear one she does have a (Staff) though. Palutena is basically a replacement she has no reason to be here and that new Kid Icarus game that was made 20+ years later for some reason basically made her entire move set even though Pit’s the one that uses those moves to de-clone Pit's Customs like they did with Palutena if you gave them both some of those moves. Pit does use her Bow so it would have worked out.

Here is her design my favorite so far

Now for alternate colors theirs no extra this time

This is my favorite of the character drawings I made she looks beautiful I out did myself with this one based on the robe and (Staff) I’m not good at faces she has no nose but no retro character had one anyway on their sprite maybe they can design her face better. I based this design on the original White Mage from the first game on tablets combined with the White Wizard I only really took the cape and headband honestly.

Like Black Mage her design wasn’t as stale but all there really was is red triangles and a hood. I used the White Mage from Final Fantasy 1 on tablets for the base design just changed her hair color to brown I prefer it over blond. Now explaining her robe’s materials is kinda complicated same with her (Staff).

Her robe is made of cotton with a baggy hood and red triangles of various sizes with gold rimming and the sleeves are long like bird wings. It has a split at the bottom with a star emblem at the top and she wears red boots with a strap with a ruby attached. She has a small triangle cape on her back which is held together by a ruby in front and she has a ribbon around her waist with a Ruby acting as a belt buckle in front for both the cape and ribbon. The triangles, gold rimming, ribbon around her waist and headband are made of silk so they shine more than her cotton robe. Instead of short limbs her robe restricts movement I made it as open as possible while remaining a robe though why would a magician be kicking and punching anyway their physically weak.

She uses a (Staff) which is red and white with gold rimming and should be the same length as Palutena’s Staff so basically just double the length of the (Pole). The (Top) of it has crystals growing out the sides of the ruby in the middle which should glow when attacking and the outside ring is thick so it has some weight but it isn’t that powerful and her attack speed is slow. The (Pole) has a red ring under the (Top) the (Pole) is white with red triangles and gold rimming. The bottom of the (Pole) is a pointed (Blunt) with a golden tip but it isn’t used much. If you hit with the (Top) you do the most damage since it has most of the weight there but the rest of the staff deals the same damage. I usually equip my White Mages with a hammer not a staff anyway since they don’t exactly have offensive spells. She holds her staff in her left hand so she can charge spells into her (Staff) with her right. The staff should have a constant (Float) spell cast on it making it glow golden so she can attack while not holding it like some of Palutena’s attacks to levitate it or if she is launched her Staff stays by her side so she doesn’t drop it she’s kinda handcuffed to it or it has gravitational pull towards her basically. You can also use wind to assist its movement when rotating it.

She should also be the same height as Palutena, right now she looks kinda short because I ran out of room. Her robe’s torso below the ribbon around her waist should be longer to compensate. Most her animations will basically look like Palutena’s for her Stance and Crouch but she holds her Staff with her left hand so it should be in front instead of behind. She walks when walking but when Dashing she uses the (Float) spell to glow and glide forward while leaning to the side like a bird. Entrance should be the (Exit) spell from the first game for tablets to descend onto the stage. Victory theme is Victory Fanfare from the 5th game same as Black Mage’s. Logo should also be Chocobo because she’s also a Final Fantasy character.


Throughout the series off and on they have been given (Holy) and (Wind) elementals on top of their default defensive (White Magic) for some type of offense which is required she’s really gonna need it. This also covers every elemental throughout the original 6 games between her and Black Mage.

(White Magic) Her default spells not exactly an element none are offensive. While charging the (Top) constantly absorbs sparkles and when casting they rotate outwards. These spells have a special ability which is called (Targeting). They can be (Single) and (Multi) targeted this option is only available in Teams so you can buff a teammate fully with (Single) or share the effects with nearby teammates at least 25% of a form stage close to her when casting for it to effect them but are 50% weaker when (Multi) targeting maybe add a symbol below her to show its radius?. (Single) targeting you can hold the Special usually B button to select a nearby teammate then release. To (Multi) Hold Special then press your Attack button which is usually A.

(Holy) This elemental is in the (Dia) chain of spells and goes all the way up to (Holy). They either come in the form of a ray from above or beam of light from a symbol which should look like the symbol of the (Holy) spell in the first game for tablets. (Dia) spells that come in orbs are basically focused light that gets more condensed overtime becoming a miniature sun basically starts out white, orange and then red. From symbols the ray of light can come from below to launch vertically or from above to do continuous damage like Palutena’s (Heavenly Light) like before the ray becomes more condensed based on charge when fully charged it looks like a beam of light has no weak spots. (Holy) elemental spells deal high shield damage and since it’s light no travel time like Lightning. While charging the (Top) constantly absorbs light before casting.

(Wind) This elemental is in the (Aero) chain of spells and goes up to (Tornado). (Wind) elemental attacks in Final Fantasy always had a tint of green so you can actually see the wind. This can push items, projectiles, penetrate through and trap foes dealing rapid damage while carrying them based on the spell. This is not energy or physical it cannot clash with other projectiles or items so it can trap and carry items with it. While charging the (Top) constantly absorbs wind before casting. These have really strong shield push it's wind.


She has poses like Black Mage has that I use throughout her move set 4 total. While she is doing any pose the crystals in the (Top) of her (Staff) glow as she generates magic into it to cast a spell with a pose. Since she’s mostly defensive most do not put her (Staff) in offensive positions.

(Charge Pose) She should charge her spells by closing her eyes while doing a hand sign with her right hand like in the game while holding her staff with her left. While charging the crystals inside of the (Top) absorbs the elemental of the spell being charged engulfing her staff with that element. When casting she opens her eyes before doing a pose releasing the spell from the (Top) of her Staff. When charging the (Holy) element her (Staff) constantly absorbs light making it glow brighter if its (Wind) her (Staff) absorbs wind swirling faster based on charge.

(Front Pose) She points her (Staff) forward with her left hand like when Palutena uses (Explosive Flame).

(Side Pose) She levitates her (Staff) in the middle so she can put her arms out to the sides like Black Mage does but not facing the TV.

(Up Pose) She raises her (Staff) above in front with her left hand.


This is what she is capable of. She is a White Mage so they don’t have many offensive spells mostly healing, defensive and disabling spells but she does have a lot of buffing spells to increase stats that can be shared with teammates by (Targeting). Like all Mages takes time to charge and cast spells and low defense but her defense and speed is much better than Black Mage’s I did not allow her to have more than Powerful Knockback and she has few attacks with Strong knockback on purpose so she will have trouble getting K.Os she’s the weakest class in Final Fantasy other than a Thief this is a healer that would be overpowered. (Holy) and (Wind) are her Offensive spells she only has 1 debuff in (Slow). (Holy) can launch or do constant damage in an area heavy shield damage while (Wind) has major pushback on shields, carry physical projectiles or items can create a lot of space so she can charge spells. She has a (Staff) so she does have a weapon but it’s not as powerful as it looks and is slow but has decent range.

The game plan first of all she is strictly defensive stay away from your opponents always she is weak offensively play defensively not many of her spells allow her to advance forward you have to be reactionary and try and stay on the ground as much as possible half her Special Moves only work while grounded. She can setup some damaging spells but they aren’t very powerful just try and knock them off stage and get a defensive buff on before trying to engage. Even if you take some damage you can still heal more than any character in the game already which makes her unique and can offset her low offensive capabilities 5% doesn’t seem like much but over an entire match she may heal around 100% damage. Unlike Black Mage she has high speed but you should never go in unbuffed unless you can get a K.O or the opponent is playing defensively. She will struggle in a Free For All that’s just how it is she’s better of 1 on 1 or with a teammate is when she’s at her best she’s a support character to the core. This will be a difficult character to master most your Special Moves are useless offensively if you can use Palutena with normal attacks you can do the same with White Mage their kinda cloned. If your swift and can avoid attacks to punish and use normal attacks to chip damage keep them out your face and charge spells effectively you should be fine but getting that K.O will be a problem she can ledge guard a bit since her attacks are weak and recovery is good to great.

Her best matchup is against projectile long ranged characters she’s almost untouchable while her worst matchup is fast rush down characters that don’t care about taking damage and just runs through everything she puts up (Wind) is the only thing she has to stop them and she can’t charge spells since they are in her face all the time. Probably going to drop low down the tier list high skill cap character. You have to deal small amounts of damage while avoiding attacks, heal or charge spells while they’re offstage, defend and go for the K.O when they have at least 120% damage then you can start going on the offense. That’s how I see her being played the most effectively we’ll have to see when she gets in I really don’t see her being effective at close range at all Mid to Long range is best. She is an expert shield pusher and breaker when using (Wind) and (Holy) elemental spells.


Attack without the staff is 60% and Defense is 70%. (Staff) Attack for the (Top) is 80%, (Pole) and (Blunt) is 60%. Attack speed, Movement Speed, Falling speed and Jump height are all the same as Palutena’s so she should basically control the same.

<(Special Moves)>

Personally I would use (Cure), (Aerora Whirlwind), (Hastega) and (Float).

(Neutral 1)-(White Magic) This works like Black Mage’s (Black Magic) in terms of charging and casting. This uses mainly defensive White Magic spells to boost the status of you or teammates so (Targeting) is in effect here. Shulk basically stole this move with (Monado Arts) but her spells won’t be as effective so they’re not as over powered like his are but they are balanced because the same effects can happen to you. This contains spells that puts up a Barrier, Healing, Positive Status and the last 2 are weak Offensive Spells 10 total. You can use this to give yourself and teammates a boost making this a very powerful defensive move and great in teams. You can cast any of the (Nul) spells to block projectiles while you charge your spells behind it for protection. Spells cannot be stacked but you can cast it again to reset the timer or change the spell type since their all defensive you can charge while one is still active. A Barrier and Status spell can be active at the same time just not the same type.

While charging she does her (Charge Pose) with an orb above her fingers displaying the image of which spell is currently charged. When casting she shatters the orb before doing a pose to cast and each spell uses a different pose that I will assign to each individually. You can cancel to store a spell for later by shielding but it has some cool down leaving you exposed. Barriers are from (Nul-Physical) to (Shell), Statuses are from (Haste) to (Faith) the only healing spell is (Heal) only attacks are (Aero) and (Dia). All spells except for (Nul-Physical), (Nul-Energy), (Aero) and (Dia) can be used with (Targeting) since those are walls and attack spells they cannot be shared.

(Esuna)-(Up Pose) Cures all negative elemental effects.

(Nul-Physical)-(Front Pose) Cast a transparent yellow wall barrier in front that absorbs physical projectiles for 10 seconds but energy projectiles Wind and Light can pass through. Every 3% damage absorbed decreases the duration by 1 second so if it absorbs 30% it’s gone. It is basically the (Protect) spell as a wall you can still charge and cast spells that aren’t walls behind it.

(Nul-Energy)-(Front Pose) Same as the above spell but absorbs energy projectiles and is a green wall but physical, Wind and Light can pass through. '

(Protect)-(Side Pose) Cast a transparent yellow orb barrier around the target, it should look like a mix of this spell from Final Fantasy 1 for tablets and have the shapes that this spell in Record Keeper has. This decreases the damage and knockback normal attacks by 50% for 15 seconds which are Ground, Aerial, Pummels and Throws. This is a barrier that is cast around you to lower the damage of weaker attacks so you don’t have to be restricted behind a wall and you can be offensive and take less damage.

(Shell)-(Side Pose) Same as above but halves Smash Attacks, Special Moves and Projectiles so use this at high damage % or against long ranged opponents or the rare time where an opponent uses Special Moves at close range I can only see Link, Meta Knight and maybe Pac-Man using them at close range regularly.

(Haste)-(Up Pose) Boost horizontal movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds creating a red aura around you. Allows you to move faster horizontally to chase or avoid foes but doesn’t increase attack speed like in the game only movement.

(Faith)-(Up Pose) Boost damage dealt not knockback by 50% for 10 seconds creating a purple aura around you temporarily it’s like a weaker version of a Transformation Final Smash.

(Heal)-(Up Pose) Heals 10% damage immediately.

(Aero)-(Front Pose) Sends 3 waves of Wind behind eachother forward that damages foes Weak.

(Dia)-(Front Pose) Shoots an orb of light forward to knock foes back burst on impact Medium.

(Neutral 2)-(Cure) Does her (Charge Pose) to charge for up to 5 seconds going from Cure to Curaja before doing her (Up Pose) to cast healing 5% to 25% fully charged cures any negative elemental effects has slow startup and cool down so your vulnerable. This move should be able to become (Stale) losing 5% health healed every time it is used to heal less damage if it is spammed to often because this is potentially a very powerful move since it can erase all the damage you take especially in free for alls and she is left alone to continuously heal 4 times fully charged 100% health healed. Now you must use this fully charged or it stales quickly if you heal 10% or 5% here and there. This is a (White Magic) spell so it can be used with (Targeting).

(Neutral 3)-(Nullify) Does her (Charge Pose) before using her (Side Pose) to cast creating a rainbow orb around herself that can be charged to increase its effects, Decreases damage taken by 25% to 75% not knockback for 5 seconds uncharged 15 seconds fully charged. While this is active you are immune to elemental effects and cures any if you are already affected. Basically Protect and Shell as one move and you take much less damage, time it last and the damage decrease is based on charge you cannot become invincible knockback is not decreased only damage and elemental resistance so use this early it’s not as useful at high damages. It also acts as an Anti Black Mage spell to deny all elemental effects.

(Side 1)-(Slow) Does her (Front Pose) to create a gravitational pull area in front that moves forward for up to 3 seconds before released to slow opponents down. It should move the same way as Zelda’s (Din’s Fire). The slowdown effect slows them down by 25% to 75% movement speed and attack speed for 5 to 10 seconds which also decreases their damage dealt by the same amount since their attacks are slower but the effects gradually wear off overtime. If you connect with this again it resets the effects the further they are the stronger and longer the spell last. It cannot be blocked not an attack but can be dodged but just in case if they dodge while slowed down they don’t keep invincibility like the (Timer) Item which is ridiculously long. The animation when released should look like the spell (Slow) not at full charge and (Slowga) at full charge from Record Keeper.

You can use this to slow a group of foes so you can either give yourself more time to charge your spells or attack foes while they are slowed since both their movement speed and attacks are slower making them easy targets if their off stage you can get easy spikes should be great in teams especially if you have a teammate with a strong attack like a (Falcon Punch).

(Side 2)-(Aerora Whirlwind) Does her (Front Pose) while charging generating wind around her (Staff) for up to 3 seconds and when released she sends a spiraling whirlwind forward to multi hit and carry foes horizontally backwards before launching Weak/Medium can catch and carry items and projectiles as well. The longer you charge the longer the whirl wind so it can hit them longer and carry them further away but has slow movement speed if you block it still has high shield push you can be carried to the ledge at full charge always penetrates through foes no matter the charge it’s movement speed is slow though. Great to get them off stage and can buy you time to charge spells also possible to get horizontal K.Os.

(Side 3)-(Diaga Beam) Does her (Front Pose) while charging to create a white symbol in front of her (Staff) that gets larger for up to 3 seconds before releasing a concentrated beam of light forward that gets thicker and more powerful based on charge penetrates through foes Medium/Strong deals high shield damage . A single long ranged beam of light more powerful and does high shield damage has no travel time it’s light.

(Down 1)-(Diara Sunshine) Does her (Charge Pose) to charge generating light for up to 5 seconds into the symbol on the ground below her that continuously absorbs light getting larger based on charge just like Cure charges from Dia to Diaja to increase density for more damage gets as wide as 25% of a form stage. When released she does her (Up Pose) to release a ray of light from the sky onto the symbol that rapidly deals damage without causing flinching for 5 to 10 seconds and does extremely high damage to shields. This is basically Palutena’s (Heavenly Light) but you are not vulnerable standing there and the longer you charge the more concentrated the ray of light is dealing up to 5% damage a second but uncharged it does 1% damage a second so it has the potential to do 50% damage if you stay under the sunlight. After the ray of light is released you can move again but only 1 can be active at a time and it penetrates through platforms above the symbol so the light won’t be blocked if under a platform. Can only be used on the ground and cannot create another until the spell fades it can only damage opponents if they aren’t being grabbed or thrown so you can’t guarantee damage by grabbing and up or down throwing they must be under it, in hit stun or in drought after being launched. This creates a pillar of light to deal high damage to foes in the area like Palutena’s (Heavenly Light) but you don’t actually have to be standing there defenseless anymore because that is an extremely bad move because of that very thing.

(Down 2)-(Hastega) Does her (Charge Pose) creating a red symbol below that can be charged for 5 seconds to boost horizontal movement speed by 25% to 100% at full charge does her (Up Pose) to cast last 5 to 10 seconds you slow down overtime cannot cast again until this spell fades. If you combine this with (Slow) you could do magical things with all that extra speed against the opponent if you want to get close but I rather use this defensively. Can only be used on the ground and can be used with (Targeting).

(Down 3)-(Reflect) Does her (Side Pose) to cast 2 curved green barriers to her sides 1 on each side to reflect projectiles lasting 5 seconds but breaks after taking and reflecting up to 25% damage but regenerates 1% health every second if not in use. When broken it takes 15 seconds to regenerate and depending on the power of the attack she gets pushed back while using. At the start the orb expands to knock nearby foes back but startup speeds the reflected projectile up by 50% Medium. It has some startup time but it's a mobile reflector works like Mega-Man's (Leaf Shield). Can only reflect in front and behind vertical attacks can pierce it and physical attacks ignore it completely. Using Down Special again can cancels this if it's weak to save it and can be used with (Targeting) cannot be used with (Multi) only (Single) only White Mage can cancel it even if it's on a teammate she can cancel it from anywhere.

(Up 1)-(Teleport) Does her (Side Pose) to disappear teleporting in any direction then reappears knocking nearby foes back which is Medium. This is basically Palutena’s (Warp) but has an attack at the end to knock foes back so you’re not as vulnerable afterwards if you appear nearby a foe. Both appearances should look like the (Exit) spell from the first game for tablets. This is used for fast invincible movement to dodge attacks, teleport behind or away from foes or recover safely since it’s un-ledge-guardable.

(Up 2)-(Float) Does her (Up Pose) to cast and she starts to glow yellow and grows tiny yellow wings out her back that allows her to float in any direction but drains over time lasting up to 5 seconds and you can use aerial attacks during. Floating is slippery so it will take time to turn around or slow down because of her momentum. If you use this while on the ground she does a leap to give her some extra height. This can be canceled by air dodging or with the “B” button since you can’t use Special Moves while floating. If you land it recharges overtime but takes 10 seconds to fully recharge like R.O.B’s (Robo Burner). When this is cancelled it can be used as many times as you want but once you run out of magic you cannot use this until you land but can only be canceled every 1 second so it cannot be glitched. You can use this for recovery, movement or ledge guarding by using her aerials while floating or after them to get back on stage.

(Up 3)-(Aeroga Boost) Uses a blast of wind below to elevate her upwards knocks foes she bumps into on the way up back Medium can be angled should be the easiest recovery in between speeds for the 2 others can spike at the start.

(Final Smash 1)-(Regeneration) Does her (Charge Pose) to charge generating a lot of sparkles before doing her (Up Pose) to cast which heals 10% damage every second for 10 seconds for 100% damage healed total when the spell is cast. This automatically targets all teammates from anywhere on the stage but they heal 5% every second for 50% overall. This can only be used on the ground and after cast she can move around freely like all her other Final Smashes. This is her strongest healing spell and the healing cannot be interrupted except on startup you have to be safe to use this or it will fail. This is literally over kill you basically reset your damage back to 0% it’s not unfair if it’s White Mage that struggles getting K.Os she has little offense so she should have the best defensive move in the game. Her other Final Smashes are dangerous for teammates this is the best Final Smash for teammates.

(Final Smash 2)-(Holy) Does her (Charge Pose) to charge generating a lot of light before doing her (Up Pose) to summon multiple large and wide rays of light from the sky down onto the stage before bursting to launch foes diagonally which is Medium 10% damage. If you are under the ray before it burst it deals 1% rapid damage without causing flinching. The rays should penetrate through surfaces so you can’t hide below platforms or it’s a stage that has a lower half like Hyrule Temple to avoid this completely, the rapid damage should do high damage to shields and the burst should break them in one hit. This should last 10 seconds and after cast she can move around. A Final Smash that covers the entire stage and her strongest (Holy) elemental spell.

(Final Smash 3)-(Tornado) Does her (Charge Pose) to charge generating a lot of wind creating a very large and tall tornado before doing her (Up Pose) to increase it’s size gradually it has very strong gravitational pull once inside you are trapped and multi hit before it burst launching vertically Strong deals up to 40% damage. Should basically be like Rosalina’s (Power Star) you can throw or knock opponents into it doesn’t have stars but it has the strongest gravitational pull in the game foes behind walls or on the ledge should be pulled over and onto the stage as well so they can’t hide. This is an extremely difficult to avoid lingering move which deals high damage to foes trapped and her strongest (Wind) elemental spell.

<(Ground Attacks)>

Dash Attack: Propels herself forward with wind to gain a burst of speed to ram into foes launching diagonally at a low angle, Medium.

Held Dash Attack: Creates a tornado around herself and spins while moving forward doing her (Side Pose) to multi hit before expanding to launch foes diagonally at a low angle, Medium kind of like Mega Man’s.

Neutral: Holds her (Staff) in both hands and slashes her Staff horizontally can be used continuously swings back and forth to knock foes back Medium.

Held Neutral: Bashes foes on the head in front with her Staff to launch, Medium same as Black Mage’s but is a single hit.

Side: Slashes her (Staff) horizontally in front and can be angled to knock foes back, Medium.

Held Side: Raises her (Staff) above with both hands before slamming it downwards in front like a hammer to launch, Strong.

Up: Slashes her staff horizontally above in an arc as an anti aerial to knock foes back Medium.

Held Up: Raises her (Staff) straight above creating a multi-hitting rotating stream of light from the (Top) before creating a blast of light that launches vertically, Medium last awhile so don’t miss or your vulnerable. Startup pops foes on the ground in front into the attack.

Down: Points downwards in front with her left hand to create a flash of light to pop foes up so you can combo into an aerial, Weak.

Held Down: Raises her (Staff) slightly before banging the (Blunt) on the ground to create a shockwave to knock foes back and if you hit directly with the (Blunt) is more powerful but extremely close ranged. Shockwave is Medium and the (Blunt) is Strong but shouldn’t have much of an animation so it’s hard to see coming. What can you really do with a magic (Staff) while crouching?


<(Aerial Attacks)>

Neutral: Claps her hands to release a blast of light to knock foes away, Medium and is basically Greninja’s same move but with light and doesn’t have all the unnecessary cool down.

Held Neutral: Same as Palutena’s Neutral Aerial but knocks foes away with her (Staff) Medium.

Front: Same as Palutena’s a heel kick with a spark of light, Weak.

Held Front: Slashes her staff downwards in front with both hands to hit in a crescent shape can spike should look like Ike’s but slower, Medium.

Back: Points backwards with her right hand and creates a blast of light, Medium. Should look like Captain Falcon’s Back Aerial but she points and creates a blast of light instead of a back handed fist.

Held Back: Slashes her (Staff) horizontally like Ike’s same move but slower Strong.

Up: Puts her hand above and releases a blast of light to launch Medium. Probably should look like Zelda’s Up Aerial.

Held Up: Same as Palutena’s but with rotating light to multi hit before creating a blast of light to launch vertically, Medium.

Down: Kicks horizontally below herself like Palutena’s same move to spike but it should hit diagonally behind and in front and slow it down so it can hit without spiking so you don’t have a useless move if you don’t hit with the sweet spot like most down aerials are, Strong with the spike and Medium throughout the rest of the move launching diagonally at a low angle.

Held Down: Does her (Side Pose) to create a tornado around herself while spinning to multi hit foes before expanding at the end to launch diagonally at a low angle, Medium It automatically expands on landing but has longer cool down.

<(Smash Attacks)>

Side: (Diaga) Does her (Front Pose) continuously absorbing light into her (Staff) creating an orb of light above the (Top) of her staff and when released it creates an explosion of light Strong/Powerful. While charging and the light gathers it starts off white turning yellow, orange and then red at full charge like a miniature sun increasing the power and range of the explosion slightly.

Up: (Diaja) Does her (Charge Pose) continuously absorbing light which she sends to the symbol below herself the light that the symbol absorbs increases its range vertically and horizontally she uses her (Up Pose) to release a beam of light from the symbol instead of from the sky. Uncharged it only gets as high as she is and surrounds herself fully charged the symbol has 25% the range of a form stage as usual and triples her height to be as tall as Palutena’s Medium/Strong. It’s basically a single shot (Diara Sunshine) from the ground launching vertically.

Down: (Aeroga) Does her (Charge Pose) continuously absorbing wind before releasing a blast of wind around herself to launch foes diagonally at a low angle use this like a manual Counterattack or against roll dodges.

<(Grab and Throws)>

Grasp: Does her (Charge Pose) to trap foes in a tornado in front.

Pummel: Spins the tornado and the foe rapidly to hit the foe repeatedly doing 1% damage, this can do 3% damage every second.

Front: Does her (Front Pose) to angle the tornado diagonally forward rapidly spinning before shooting the foe out, Medium.

Back: Does her (Front Pose) behind carrying the foe behind her angling the tornado diagonally rapidly spinning before shooting the foe out, Strong.

Up: Does her (Up Pose) to shoot the foe out vertically, Medium quicker than the first 2.

Down: Drops the foe on the ground before rapidly drilling into them with the bottom of the tornado before launching diagonally, Medium should be a Damage Throw does up to 15% damage over 5 seconds.

<(Shield Pose and Dodges)>

She uses (Teleport) for all of her dodges to disappear and reappear she has fast dodges if you use this with her actual (Teleport) Special Move this can be used to confuse opponents the animations should look the same. If she dodges and an attack goes through the area she was supposed to be in display the word “Miss” like in the games.

Shield Pose: Does her (Side Pose).

Air: Uses (Teleport) to disappear then reappears.

Spot: Uses (Teleport) in place.

Front: Uses (Teleport) to reappear forwards a short distance.

Back: Uses (Teleport) to reappear backwards a short distance.

<(The End)>

Again I would like Feedback in the comments on improvements or ideas if you like what you saw upvote it and follow I'll be posting more the more popularity the better chance of her getting in


- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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About ABowlOfCerealone of us since 6:45 PM on 04.24.2019

Ohaider I'm a Smash Bros moveset creator I would take request but probably will be special move only won't be as detailed but if they have enough potential I will add some feedback. I'm about to shift over to another game once my last 2 characters drop though.

I'm not really a writer I just write about stuff I care about for the most part things that I felt I had to do. I am a Flightless Phoenix, just give me a shot and i'll be able to soar tired of being locked in a cage. My Roblox is "CosmicMotion" a Periastron collector which is what my logo is I play on Xbox, I also play Maplestory M as CerealKnight America inoysys server 195 Hero F2P and CerealNite America 2 on Guardian Tales F2P aswell.

Dunno what to write here really trying to be Anonymous but I eat Cereal for dinner sometimes and play and listen to rare video game music just give me a song I can usually counter it with a much better one. I collect rocks make smaller ones into necklaces I draw a bit do low key pottery and I played some real life sports when I was younger before a major injury to my left knee hit so no I'm not a nerd trust me I'm probably also one of the only people that hasn't seen Star Wars or Game of Thrones I'm 21 born 1999 October 27th favorite number is 37 my Jersey Number. I am finished on (Smash 4 Blueprints) unless I add more characters it is now in a collection so it's easier to pick what you want to see here: https://www.destructoid.com/--568161.phtml#post

Maybe impossible and I maybe a fool for trying but Shia LaBeouf has helped me move forward a lot with his "Just Do It" speech. He said Don't let your dreams be dreams, make your dreams come true. One of these days your going to work hard at it nothing is impossible. You should get to the point where anyone else would quit but your not going to stop there JUST DO IT. Which I have many times I don't care what people think of him that speech came from his heart.