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Console game remasters I'd like to see.


Now this should probably be a bit of a controversial entry. As many people know game remasters have become a big thing fairly recently mostly in part to the PS4 not having backwards compatability for PS3 games (unless you're willing to pay £12.99 a month)... But I'd argue that they're missing out some games that could really use the treatment either due to few people having a chance to play the game or to fix issues with the game and rerelease it to the world in the state it was meant to be in. Here I have a list of games that I'd like to see get the remaster or rerelease treatment but be sure to put your own in the comments, I look forward to seeing what games you want brought back.

  • Tokyo Jungle

A digital only game that was released on the PS3, Tokyo Jungle is set in, well, Tokyo. Humanity has gone extinct and all of the animals within the city are left to their own devices, their natural needs taking precident as herbivores graze in the now overgroan city streets, and predators hunt the new abundance and variety of prey that the mass extinction has made available to them. At the moment this game is only available through Sony's PS Now service which makes it close to a PS4 release, but your enjoyment is crippled by your internet connection which sours the deal. if the game got a rerelease for the PS4 it would not only remove the connection problem, but it would also allow more players to experience this fight for survival. Plus they can also add in the DLC which includes new outfits for your animals and new animals including a robot dogs and Dinosaurs... Makes you want this now doesn't it?

  • Infamous 1, 2 and Festival Of Blood

One of the big gun franchises for the PS3, Infamous created a revolutionary new franchise for Sony that followed Cole Mcgrath, a courier who gained the super power to manipulate electricity during a job where he was delivering a strange device. These games focused in a realistic setting as it explored the theme of morality with a character who has the power to change the world for the better or the worse depending on his decisions. Like with Tokyo Jungle these games are on PS Now which means that if you want to enjoy them fully then you'll need a really good internet connection. However unlike Tokyo jungle these games were very high profile to the point that even Xbox gamers knew about them which makes them prime for either a remaster for a set rerelease, having the three being released in a bundle similar to things such as Batman: Return To Arkham.

  • Killzone Trilogy

Same reasons as the other two, however Killzone was supposed to be Sony's answer to the runaway juggernaut franchise that was Halo (even the first game was advertised as "The Halo Killer"). Like with Infamous I'd suggest these being released in one trilogy set. Giving remastered versions of all three so people can relive the war against the Helghast.

  • Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

Grab your fat controllers that barely fit in your hands... we're talking classic Xbox. Stubbs The Zombie was a rare oddity within the Zombie game genre (with it being the only game in which you played AS the zombie) and it was balls to the wall crazy. You were a zombie and your main goal was to get through each level while killing enemies and turning them into shambling walking corpses, and you had more than your teeth to fight your battles with as you could remove one of your hands and use it to control an enemy... Or you could pluck some of your guts out and use them like a grenade. The reason I say Stubbs needs a remaster is because there was only one game made in the franchise which was released back in 2005, and despite being really well recieved critically nothing new really happened with him. So in this struggle period that Microsoft is having this generation, maybe they need a little help from beyond the grave.

And that's all the remasters I'd like to see, while it was mostly Playstation focused it's because Sony mostly lacks a way to play PS3 games with the exception of PS Now which has a lot of problems attached. Meanwhile this could hopefully be the chance for these games to see the light of day again and touch the hearts and minds of more people than they did before. But that's just my list and as I said, I'd like to see which games you'd like to see make a comeback so please leave a comment down below, it can be one game or five, as many as you want so have fun sharing your dream remasters.

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