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Happy Early Turkey Day (potentially NSFW)!

I'd like to apologize as I realize this is being placed a day early. I have no real intention on being online this Thanksgiving and I thought I'd place this up before I forgot.

I wanted to make mention of three things.

First, for those who are celebrating Thanksgiving I wanted to wish a fantastic time with family and/or friends and that your dinner is a cornucopia of tasty delicacies in which you can absolutely gorge yourself on.

"Enjoy a great Thanksgiving! And by great, I mean molestation free."

For those who do not reside in the U.S. or who do not have any plans for Thanksgiving, please have a wonderful weekend. This would be a great time to compete online as many American players will be staving off the crippling power of tryptophan with controller in hand.

Take care everyone.
(Revolving doors + Rock Band box is dangerous)
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