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The Terror of Twitter TERFS or: A Sonicfox Serenade


In my previous writings I mentioned that they seem to be making queer kids these days with some sense of self assured hope. And in the time between my last writing and now, there has emerged on the scene an unapologetic avatar of this phenomenon: Dominique Sonicfox McLean. A lightning rod of a human being. Whose very existence seems to reaffirm gaming as a haven for the misfits of the world.


Recently he has entered into the growing trans activism in the gaming community. Sparking the ire of an out-of-touch, mostly middle aged, mostly white, and mostly middle class demographic known as TERFs. Or Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. Whose intent seems to be beating queer people to death with Betty Friedan books; bought with money from Christian conservatives and royalties from Father Ted reruns. Who shift arguments, definitions, and titles for themselves as quick as the Alt Right. Thankfully they do not share their fondness for assault weapons.


This isn’t a new fight. Even with regards to the video game community. With the Hbomberguy stream raising an astounding amount of money for transgender charity Mermaids, as well as hosting a number of noted video game youtubers. Managed on the fly by Irish Sloth and makeshift activist, Casey Explosion. Who mans the hellsite of Twitter daily. Shining a light on the tactics and motives of the insidious group that works towards her erasure and demise.


There is an eerie, retro vibe with these TERFs. I see them toss about the fact that Sonic is a furry as if is somehow 2006 again, and furries are the Internet’s punching bag, as opposed to the fursuited overlords of Discord. They bandy about the idea that McLean is angry at women because he can’t have sex. Despite the fact that his pinned tweet simply states “IM GAY.”.They recently got a lawmaker to comment on the violence in Mortal Kombat. It would be outright charming in its ignorance, aside from the fact that TERFs are organized, unscrupulous, and laser focused on their hatred of trans people and their desire to gaslight anyone into their way of thinking.


Combatting this is Casey, whose simple cold statement of facts with regards to this group’s funding, tactics, and unambiguous goals to cut through the gaslighting and subtrafuse. And Sonic as a giant middle finger from the queer community to remind these bougie fucks that an injury to one is an injury to all. And we won’t our brothers, sisters and siblings beyond the binary be targeted. And behind him I stan, because this is the year where gamers stand up, say fuck the haters, roll up our sleeves, and make the world a better place.

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