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Dale North [almost] made Sony cry

Someone may already have posted this, but I didn’t see it, so I’m gonna go ahead anyway. This past Friday, our very own Dale North put up a post wishing the PlayStation 3 a happy first birthday. Well, it seems that the internets have taken notice — and I’m not just referring to the 22 different DTOIDers who commented on the story. Kim Otzman, SCEA’s Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, posted on the PlayStation.Blog yesterday, thanking sites around the web for their birthday wishes. Apparently, Sony sent a number of butter-cream-frosted birthday cakes (weird, I thought things were supposed to work the other way around) to the press: sites such as Game|Life, Engadget, and PS3 Fanboy (?!) all got sugary goodness in the mail.

Now, as far as I know — and correct me if I’m wrong, editors — no one at Destructoid received any such swag (so I guess it couldn’t even be correctly called ‘swag’ — the cake wasn’t truly “stuff we all got”). But Kim over at PlayStation.Blog must’ve realized Sony’s glaring omission, so she made a good-faith effort to make it up to us [emphasis added]:

“While the folks at Wired Game|Life, Engadget, and PS3 Fanboy celebrated with cake, it was Destructoid’s birthday wishes which nearly brought a sentimental tear to our eye. Thanks to all of you!”

Well, maybe it’s a good thing that Sony didn’t send cake to Destructoid. After all, we are all gamers; we don’t need any extra unhealthy food. Of course, Dale’s responsible for this genuine shout-out from Sony; his post was a fantastic birthday card for the PS3. And if forgoing cake will get this site additional personal and heartfelt thank-yous from Sony, then maybe the editors should skip the sweets every time the PS3’s birthday comes around.
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