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A Proposition... of Activist Magnitudes. Also... COX.

Game politics ablaze once every few months... either a game is too violent or too sexual, you name it. When the game goes beyond the so-called-norm it will receive the so-called-kiss-of-death, an "Adults Only" rating.

I propose something... divided in three parts.

1. It is not good business to try and sell an Adults Only game
2. It is NOBODYs business but your (as an adult) or your parents (as a minor) to decide what you can and cannot play
3. A proposition... who says WE cannot fight for our rights against those activists who prefer censorship in our games?

When a game developer comes out with a new game, based on who knows whose standards, it receives a rating... the ratings board is usually a manufactures band-aid for those hordes of activists out there, who cannot take responsibility out of their busy lives and chose to have someone in charge of censorship instead of themselves. Thus... the ESRB, or the MPAA or whichever...

So far so good? Well, that's debatable... point being however, if a game is labeled Adults Only - it is NOT good business for someone like Microsoft or Sony to go ahead and sell the units, much less of course for Family friendly Nintendo. And this is perfectly fine... this is a business, and if a copy of Manhunt 2 with an Adults Only brand on it is bound to sell 500 copies... or 1000... it has nothing against an "Everyone" rated mighty Super Mario Galaxy.

No issues, business is business... you take a chance with the sure sell.

Makes perfect sense, right? Ultimately, it's THEIR call, since they front the money, they decide what they invest it. Good on them.

But who on earth put holier-than-thou politicians and parishes in charge of deciding what is right for me to play? Seriously! - I am NOT anti-church... but I am definitely ANTI-CHURCH telling me what to do... PARTICULARLY... if I'm not even a member of their clique.

Believe in what you want and I will believe in what I want, but that does not mean that if you feel like it... you will, based on no real data, hate the concept of my favorite game and thus... get it BANNED from my country?! Granted... that doesn't happen here... but it is definitely something other fellow members probably deal with.

Who elected these people to make choices for me?! I certainly didn't.

So how do you fix this?

Again, it's a business... anybody who makes a complain to your local eatery's manager, will probably get their way... PARTICULARLY, if nobody challenges it.

Don't like a game? Then DON'T PLAY IT... hell, forbid your children to play it, I don't care... I'm lucky enough not to be your child... so we're in good grounds here - to boot, I am an adult and I can buy my own games. So, good to go?

Not quite... Games are affected by these mentalities. The very games I love, will sometimes not even make it to me the way the developers meant for them to be. And that is true BS.

The arguments regarding games being entertainment, the arguments regarding games as cause of any evil, the arguments regarding in-game sexuality being worse than in-game violence (wtf?!) don't matter here. We all have different values and views... and I would never push MY point of view upon you or these people.

But should we?

I propose this... Is it about damn time we, the gamers begin to be more active in our game politics? We often bitch and moan about practices and standards... but we don't really do anything other than blog about it.

Is it about time we pick up some banners and picket outside churches and city halls? Will it have to come to (peaceful) activism?

My answer: YES

It is time for us to start making our voices heard... I am not asking for smut in my games, I'm asking for freedom for developers to make the very game they intended to make. Without censorship... whether it sells or not, make that decision be the investors and ours to make, not some non-gamer church or politico.

I don't know about you... but I'm sick and tired of OTHERS trampling over my rights/liberties... and whether this expands above and beyond games, I leave for you to decide.

Thoughts? Comments...

(This is, granted, a flow of conscience and yes, it could very well be re-written and polished, but I wanted the idea to come out while it was nice and hot.)
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