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Box Boy and Box Girl Early Game Review


Box Boy was a puzzle game on the 3DS. I never played it, but it reviewed decent. Let's see about it's sequel on the switch, boxboy and boxgirl, where I will be reviewing the early parts of the game.

The game starts out with a tutorial world. You can create a number of blocks that sprout out of your body, and throw them to use as platforms. There are also collectables you get by solving extra puzzles, and trying to beat a level while  using as little boxes as possible. There are a lot of levels, and I mean a LOT of levels, but they aren't really to special. It's not a boring game, don't get me wrong. It's attention span is often lower then over games, but that isn't much of a big deal. However, while it's not boring, it's not nessasarily exciting either. It's a puzzle game, so it's not meant to be exciting. But still your mind just kind of blurs into the game. It's a challenge to complete the puzzles, but unless you're INTO to puzzle games, you just kinda automatically go autogame, where your using your head and spacing out at the same time, however, that's probably just how puzzle games are, so it doesn't hurt it to much, it just would have been really nice if it had something else, like say, a timer, that spiced things up.

The multiplayer however, is great. It allows you to do the multiplayer with a bot, but it's advised you do it with a real person. You and your friend have to figure it out and argue over ideas, and THIS is what actually fun, REALLY fun. You want enjoyment, get your friend, or your brother, or your family to play with you and it is GREAT. Like that's the game's main selling point is the multiplayer, and it should've been. The multiplayer makes this game completely worth 10 bucks

Along with your regular box throwing abilities, you gain more powers as you go on. They're too complicated to explain, but they're absolutely great. Combining the singleplayer and multiplayer, and the after game mode where you play as a box that has the height of 2 boxes, it has over 270 levels, which is enough content to get your money's worth.

The story is neat, but unclear. The planet, and your family get corrupted by some sort of black stuff. Your kids get infected, and you have to go through levels to save them(somehow?) then when they're saved you get those news abilities I mentioned earlier. It's cool, but just like the other singleplayer stuff, not quite fun, not boring either, and certainly not frustraiting, and it's still worth playing, and it is enjoyable, and a solid experience, but fun isn't the right description, it's more of a zen thing the whole singleplayer game, which isn't a bad thing, but it's not a good thing if it's not your style.

so, should you get Box Boy and Box Girl? As it's only for 10 bucks, absolutely. The singleplayer, like I said, isn't neccesarily fun, but it's still satisfying, enjoyable, and a good challenge. This game also has plently of content, and the multiplayer is amazing. I rate it 12/15(has one pretty big issue, but is otherwise am amazing game) And if you like puzzle games, or multiplayer couch-co-op games, I recomend this.

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