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Tonight in Roll20 D&D:


Tonight our heroes were joined by two mysterious companions; one of which betrayed them at the last moment. They have completed their exploration of "The Haunted House" and are now ready to take confront what's left of the Order of the Kraken!

Death was almost imminent when surrounded by six smugglers, a traitor, and an enemy wizard one of our roguish heroes was struck down and nearly died.  The others, including their leader Mordacai of the Broken Wall were badly wounded but overcame their enemies at the last moment.  

Now, our heroes must find the final piece of the Order of the Kraken and stop their depredations on the town of Salt Mere to gain the favor of the Scythe of Tarkahnnan.

What the Hell is All this?

[url]https://www.scabard.com/pbs/campaign/210445[/url] for details on the capaign world of Aura: After Darkfall

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