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Yoshi's Crafted World: Early Game Review


Ok this is a new thing I did with Ape Out on my YT channel(it's called gamingwithcalvin, Pls sub I'm desperate.), where I write a review of a game, but that review is only based on the first half of the game(since it's takes forever for me to beat 'em), so you know what to expect right when you hop in.(if you haven't bought the game already which you likely have already but who knows)

At it's core it's just another yoshi game, and at the same time far from it. You eat shy guys, and you can poop them as eggs, and throw them at other enemies, or use them to solve puzzles. This game has much more aiming control however, which feels GREAT. Another great thing is, Yoshi Switch isn't another 2.5D platformer, it's actually got some 3D elements, where there are paths you follow that move through the X and Z access, this isn't used that much, but it still feals great. Wooly world had some sort of stage flipping, which I'll get back to in a minute, but this is just fantastic

Yoshi's Crafted World is real fun just based on the demo, where you get 1 level, 1 find the poochy pups, and 1 fetchquest for cows. Each level has a lot of smiley flowers, that you need to use to proggress. You can gain them by collecting them during levels, talking to civilians who want soveniers from the levels, and them giving them the sovenier, or playing the stage on the flip side, and finding poochy pups, which grants you 1 flower for every pup you find, and a bonus flower if you find all three in a certain amount of time. But the thing is, you HAVE to get these smiley flowers to proggress. Have to. And they do offer a great amount of extra content, but it's often just annoying if you don't have enough. You ussually do, but when you don't, ussually after beating a boss, and trying to proceed, eh... I wish they added side minigames that gave you flowers. This game does have minigames though, and I'll talk about that later, but first, you know how I just said proceed to the next area? That doesn't mean forward. This isn't an adventure game, far from it, but it's still not linear. After the first dream gem, you obtain the ability to collect gems in which order you want, which is honestly just a stroke of genius at nintendo.

As for level design, this game has some pretty good stuff. Each level is unique in it's own way, the game is constantly introducing one mechanic, then trashing it in the next level for another one, like with one level you're using poochy, the next your running from a skeleton. This is probably why it was delayed from 2018 into 2019.(not that anyone noticed the original release date or any other part of the trailer 'cause metroid prime 4!!!) this adds a whole lot of variaty to the game, and makes me want to play it even more!(I ussually don't though because I'd rather sit in front of my computer and watch pewdiepie, who you must subscribe to) Not only that, but it also has minigame levels, like I mentioned before! These are brief, and pretty easy, but fun as heck! And often you get Smiley flowers in them by knocking out a certain ammount of enemies instead of finding them lying around.

One of this games problems is that it's easy. There are machines you can use to buy armor, and there is a simple easy mode, and they make it a lot easier for young players. These are optional, but even without them it's pretty easy. I don't have a problem with this ussually, because I suck, but others do. Luckly, it's one of those games where you favor finding collectables, or even better, messing around, instead of the challenge. Like in kirby games! Star allies didn't review great because the allies made it too easy, but they also added something to just flat out mess around and have a lot of fun with. Back in yoshi's wooly world, I'd often play with my dad, and we'd often only beat one level, because we were just throwing yarn balls at eachother(crafted world brings back eggs instead which is another bonus!) also, the boss fights, while also easy, are cleverly designed, and really freaking cool. You can breafly, but awesomely, see them being crafted piece by piece right before fighting them. Which is cool

Here's some smaller details of the game that still matter: The resolution might be wacky, but overall the graphics are the best. Everything is made of crafts, and even if it doesn't, it still looks like it does, or just fits in anyway. It's amazing. Also, there are cutscenes before every boss, and they are hilarius. Especially when Kamek calls baby bowser(no not bowser JR I know they look exactly the same it's strange, good feal should work on that) "your awfulness" or even better "your shortness". I guess this means it time to talk about story, Crafted World's Story basically rips off infinity war(which I didn't see), but lets be honest, mario tenis aces did the same, and it's a good core peice of plot that I'm glad is being used a lot by nintendo. Basically, there is this stone that makes people's dreams come true, and is powered by dream gems. Kamek and Baby Bowser try stealing it, but lose all the gems in the proccess. You are now on a race to get the gems back before they do. It's a plot that works, and that's what matters. Also, it has a 2 player co-op mode(which can act as a VS mode trust me) which is often where those random shinanigens I mentioned earlier come from, and while it would be cool if it allowed co-op to be 4 player, and it would be cooler if it would allow co-op online(and even COOLER if switch online didn't exist), but hey, I'll take what I can get.

All this in mind, I give this game a 15/15(has minor flaws that don't hurt the gameplay that enough to deduct a point at least, perfect at most). It would be just perfect if not for the whole flower thing, and if it wasn't so easy. I'd totally recomend this, and you should pick up. See ya!  

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