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So What Is This Guy Talking About?


Good Evening folks!

It was suggested (and a good suggestion it was) that I give a little bit of an intro into what the heck I'm talking about with "Project Ranger" and what my posts have meant.  its a pretty good question, afterall and I imagine some folks thought I'd flipped my lid.

Project Ranger is my name for an "expedition" into the uncharted regions of the galaxy in the game Elite Dangerous.  Elite Dangerous is a game produced by Frontier and is part space simulator and part MMO(ish).  it takes place in 3305 in the Milky Way Galaxy and allows players to create their own pilots and make their way in the void as bounty hunters, pirates, heroes, thieves, merchants, or explorers among other things.  It is the the explorer option that I am drawn.

About two weeks ago Frontier announced that approximately .003491% of the galaxy has been explored and I want to do my part to increase that number so my character, Morning Sun, is going to set off on or about June 1st and go "into the black" looking for unexplored systems in an efford to help map the galaxy.  I'll be updating periodically in character during my explorations as a journal of what I've found including youtube vidoes of my live mixer broadcasts. 

 The game itself offers players the opportunity to play in an MMO like environment, in private instances with their friends, or solo in a way similar to the original Guildwars.  The full on MMO environment is fun and the community is largely helpful; but be warned there are griefers just like every MMO and PvP is open.

I hope you enjoy what should be a fun project!

Oh and I still am doing my game reviews I am just woefully, woefully behind.  Shamefully behind, really.  But wish me luck on that, too.  I'm trying to get back into a rhythym.  

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