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Elite Dangerous: Project Ranger Test Run Pt 1.5

Commander's Report April 13, 3305 Project Ranger Pt 1.5
I've actually been back in the bubble for a couple of days I was out just under 1000 ly but it was very much a success. I discovered several small bodies and a few more useful bodies. Now I've returned to outfit for the longer expedition. I didn't broadcast my return home but I did record a test run in my Scarab where I figured out ground mining.
So for the next few weeks I'm going to complete some duties in the Bubble and properly stock The Orion before heading out. I was originally going to save up for and purchase a larger ship such as an Anaconda for Project Ranger but at this time I am thinking the Asp Explorer will serve me best. i do hope to visit Sol before I go and to that end I will be working on my permit.
For the audio/video recording of my run through the SRV go here:
Until next time, Commanders.
Morning Sun: Out.
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