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Experience point v2.0 revitalization , but i need help for the time being.


i think every old D-toid member remembered EXP points by Ben Davis. I talked with Ben before month or two and he give me his permision to revive it. I had problems with my acc here - i did not remembered my password and PASS recovery did not work sometime. Right now i have a lot of work in Bulgaria and my English is kinda rusty , so i need time for a little improvement.

My style of writing and most of the content that i like and love are way different from the things Ben wrote about. I want to write about my EXP points about some of the games that Ben wrote , so we could compare in the future.

The future problems are :
 My confidence in writing
 My current English.
 Members can give ideas about improvement over the old EXP points.

 I wrote that short blog, because i might need help in first place. I found help - Fivefinger Delta.

   I have not read the comment section for quite a long time. I do not know which of the old members are here. I saw what had happened with Mike Martin - he is the greatest member of this site in my opinion.

 About me - i really like old Nintendo games - Pre gamecube, i am a big fan of the adventure genre and C and J RPGs. My main console currently is PS4 and my secondary platform is PC. I emulate older games , because in Bulgaria we have around 300 to 400$ montly salary, but the gaming price tag is normal. If you want to study, read , play games or watch even a single movie you can see how hard everything become. I like to express myself with a raw language too - shit , fuck and etc. 

 So that's that. Thank you for reading!

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