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Phils Game Music Similarities #24 - A Simon and his Simon


One of the first games famed game designer David Crane designed after leaving Activision in 1986 was the game "A Boy and his Blob", a funny little platformer/puzzle game about an ordinary boy student from the 80s and his not so ordinary pet/friend Blob, an alien from a distant planet which is held hostage by an evil emperor whose one-sided nutrition standards make it utterly uninhabitable for everyone with type-2 diabetes.

Blob could change into different shapes, depending on what type of jellybean the boy feeds him like trampolines, ladders, car jacks, holes (how does one change into a hole? Wouldn't that be like changing into antimatter? If he can do so, couldn't he just challenge the emperor to a headbutting contest? ) After collecting enough jellybeans, you could fly to the Blob's homeplanet and make your way through the sweets factory to the final fight.

The title theme to this game, composed by Mark Van Hecke,

has often been compared to the title "Raiders March" from the famous 1981 adventure movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Similarities include the first 4 notes and the general fanfary, adventourous feeling:

I would like to add another contender to the list - the 2nd title theme to the 1981 detective television series "Simon & Simon", composed by Barry de Vorzon who also wrote songs for The Warriors and the 3rd part of the Exorcist series. The first 8 notes of the theme sounds to me like a more complete version of the Blob jingle, albeit it doesn't have the fanfare like feeling of the Raiders march:

Although I think there may be even better matches down the blues pipeline.

I need to try the Wii sequel at some point...


Edit: Maybe another sample from the song "Work 'N' Play" by the Zombies from their debut album (1965):

Update 19/08/2020:

A challenger has appeared as a song by Earl Hines from 1941:

The name of the song? "Jelly Jelly". And a game about an alien friend that you can make transform by giving him jellybeans. Coincidence?

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