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Elite Dangerous: Project Ranger


Project Ranger Test Run Pt 1

I am in the middle of nowhere landed safely on the moon of a gas giant. For my first night out I made it approximately 750 ly from Deciat and I've learned two things:

Even out In The Black there's a lot to see and do. I discovered a lone ice-bound world orbiting a distant star. I am very proud of my snow ball.

I also discovered that I was woefully, very, very woefully unprepared for this. Luckily during my video feed back home I encountered a friendly commander who taught me a lot about exploration and what to look for and what to expect.

I'm quite torn between returning home and beginning to prepare for my longer journey in a few weeks and taking another day or two to wander out here before turning around. I think I want to get at least 2000 ly out of Deciat before I turn back.

The start of my journey was rocky; between technical difficulties with my data feed and a lone pirate that thought he could interdict me even before I was out of site of Deciat made for a heart stopping few minutes but I've gotten quite good at only being interdicted when I want to be. My brand new Asp Explorer, the "Orion" is quite the vessel. It helps that I bought a better FSD, thrusters, and power plant before leaving. Now as I look out at this rocky moon I am tempted to take out my SRV to get a look around first-hand.

The audio/video feed of my first trip out is available here:

Morning Sun out.

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