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Announcing Project Ranger


For Immediate Release:

Cmmdr Morning Sun lately from Cleve’s Hub in Eravate has announced his intentions to mirror the Distant Worlds Project in an attempt to map unexplored regions of the Milky Way galaxy.  Beginning on or about June 1, 3305 Morning Sun intends to depart “The Bubble” for unknown and previously unmapped regions of our galaxy.  Beginning April 9, 3305 Morning Sun will begin a preliminary test flight leaving Deciat for five to ten thousand light years.  It is possible, the cmmdr said, that I may go as far as Colonia if I am feeling the trip.

When asked why the cmmdr was going to Colonia as a test expedition he replied, “to make sure I can spend that much time by myself before I commit to extended isolation.” 

The cmmdr will be documenting both the test flight and longer expedition which he is calling, “Project Ranger” and transmitting his reports back to us here. 

“I am driven by a desire to see what others haven’t.  To be the first to look on new stars and new planets.”

Morning Sun, who until a few weeks ago was a test pilot notes that he has a long way to go before he has a deep space exploration vessel he is confident will make the run. 

Reports will be made available as they are created.

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