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Phils Game Music Similarities #22 Everybody Needs Some Dynamite


It was about time for another Sega entry but here it is:

In 1988, Sega released the beat 'em up "Dynamite Dux" for arcade, Sega Master System and other platforms. It features two anthropomorphic ducks named "Bin" and "Pin" who are trying to save a girl called Lucy from the evil sorcerer Achacha using several cartoony weapons. The first level, which plays in an urban area, features a particularly bluesy melody:

The dominant tune here is a seven note sample that reminds me a lot of a similar six-note one in the Blues Brothers version (1980) of the Solomon Burke (1964) song "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love":

I cannot rule out that this is a Blues standard and thus free of copyright claims.

Phil takes the blues pill. Out.

Edit: Maybe found another instance in Son of a Preacher Man (1968):


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