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Phils Game Music Similarities #21 Fear of Heights with Holy at the Bottom


Hello folks,

again, Final Fantasy 7 (1997). Will not be the last time. On the other hand, the game is as popular as ever, so why ponder?

Anyways, inside the game there is a sequence where Cloud, one of the main characters, has a streak of insanity at the perspective of a life-defining event being the product of mere fabrication, then goes catatonic in the aftermath. Meanwhile, his peers go into the lifestream, trying to collect the pieces of his shattered mind, putting it all back together. This sequence is underscored with a mysterious/eerie theme called "Who am I?". It consists dominantly of an altering set of triplet notes while the FF7 main theme is playing ominously in the background:

This reminds me to some extend of the movie "Vertigo" (1958) by Alfred Hitchcock. It features a man who develops fear of heights in the aftermath of a traumatizing accident, then goes near-catatonic when the situation seemingly repeats, only to find out that the second incident may have been the product of fabrication. The movie opens with an eerie little piece composed by Bernard Herrmann consisting dominantly of altering triplets of which some remind me strongly of the FF7 song:

Coincidence? Only the lifestream knows...


Edit: Or How about "The Tingler" with Vincent Price (1959):

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