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Phils Game Music Phindings #17 Latin Breeze


Featuring Final Fantasy 8, Laurindo Almeida & others.

And so again, the Final Fantasy series. One of the paramounts of musical creativity and diversity.

Composer Nobuo Uematsu has demonstrated influences from many different music genres, including rock, classic music, jazz etc.

Today I want to show something that may be a hint towards his many latin roots. The song "Breezy" from Final Fantasy VIII is a peaceful and relaxing tune that plays in Balamb Town:

A song that, while it may not be an exact match, reminded me strongly of this tune was the opening of "The Lamp is Low" by bossa nova veteran Laurindo Almeida (1969). (Although I encountered several others that were at least partially reminiscent):

Weather is too warm here for this time of the year.


Edit: Fellow user DrDoom kindly drew my attention to the song Air Supply - All Out Of Love (1980) which also has a backing track that comes pretty close to the recurring sample on some points in the song:

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