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Comments of the Week 68: Lurking like a....... thing that lurks


Well hey there y'all. Welcome to another edition of Comments of the Week. It's your friendly neighborhood ooktar here and while I haven't been too active around here lately, that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you all. I'm still here lurking around in the shadows. Kinda like a Ninja or a Raccoon. Watching and waiting til you make some smarmy fun comments for me to pick out. So lets get into it.

ooktar: You don't need 20 20 vision to see these deals.

ooktar: Tell me about it. It's pretty difficult to find these comments with my eyes like this.

ooktar: Hopefully Links dick doesn't break after a handful of uses.

ooktar: Who do I contact for a pre emptive refund?

ooktar: I liked the film adaptation Get Out with Jordan Peele

ooktar: Metal Gear feels like a childs story compared to what Death Stranding has showed off so far.

ooktar: You roll a 2, Carly Rae goes first and tells you she really really really really really really really likes you.


ooktar: *Sits silently frustrated while waiting for a new Power Stone game.

ooktar: That one's called Curdledwomen.

ooktar: Whatever gets people to stop playing Siege is a friend to me.

ooktar: Really stringing these puns along.

ooktar: We will always carry our Mike when needed.

ooktar: I'm all for Danny Devito playing Ganondorf in a live action Zelda.

ooktar: Also, there's apparently some massive trade disputes between the rival Wizarding schools.

ooktar: Mortal Kombat 11 just went Darksiders 3.

ooktar: Look it's Mario and his brother.... Kabobi?

ooktar: "You don't got the balls to fuck me do ya?"

ooktar: Dr. Eggman is just gonna be a rotten hardboiled egg

That's all for this week folks. Hope you enjoyed this edition and I hope you look forward to more as we start to finally get our bearings back and start providing you some much desired content. As for me I'll always be around whether you may see me or not.

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