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Top 5 MAME Games of All Time


First things first. What MAME stands for? It stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and it is basically a software that allows you to play the old, retro games from arcades on your computer. Now we want to share which games are the best, but it is a complicated task. There are over 5000 games in total, so we have an impossible task. Anyway, we will give our best and present you with the best games. After that, all you need to do is to download MAME ROM’s game files and enjoy.


5. Contra

Contra is the best game for MAME we can think of. Chances are high that you will share the same belief. The story of the game is set in the year 2633 and you are in the role of a commando who is sent into a jungle to destroy the evil organization. You will have at your disposal various movements, even more, weapons and tactics. On the other side, there are a lot of bosses and complicated missions to complete.

Due to intense and versatile gameplay, Contra is commonly one of the highest rated games of this kind. It is truly special and you won’t have one-second rest while playing it. None of the gamers have this ‘’luxury’’.


4. Toki

In the game, you will lead a gorilla known as Toki. Actually, he is a prince who was turned into this creature by a witch known as Vookimedlo! Yes, he looks cool and he can cast fireballs from his mouth, but he still seeks his original for. As a player, you should lead him through the series of tasks and missions and help him destroy the spell and get his princess back.

The game is very appealing to play and has several upgrades you can use on Toki. The end is dramatic and stunning.


3. Snow Bros

Would you like to turn all your enemies into balls of snow? If you do then this is the game for you. The purpose is to use snow in order to capture your enemies. Then, you will push them to from different platforms and destroy them.

Keep in mind that after every 10 levels you must defeat a boss. There is no need to add that this is a platform-based game that was very popular back in a day.


2. Three wonders: Midnight Wanderers

There are 3 games in this series and basically, all of them are similar. However, Midnight Wanderers is the best one for us and probably for you. In the game, you will lead Lou and Siva and try to find Sena, your friend who was turned to the statue by Gaia. Your mission is to restore him into his original form.

The game is popular due to several reasons. First of all, it has remarkable graphics which is stunning for that period of time. Then we have the overall attention to details which is impressive as well. The last, but not least, the story is detailed and loaded with useful details.


1. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

The game is set in the 25th century and here you and 3 others will have to defeat a gang who uses the dinosaur to complete their evil goals. In the game, dinosaur must not be harmed and you have countless ways to prevent the main purpose of the gang.

The game is basic, but it has one of a kind gameplay that can’t be seen anywhere else, not even in the latest PC and Play Station games. All of this made it a popular and desirable game to play today.



Now you know which games to play and the best part is the fact you can play all of them. After all, they are completely free and there are no hidden limitations whatsoever. These games were popular in the past and their reincarnation is also very desirable.

Surely this isn't definite and official list, but rather my own. There are many titles I don't remmeber but I used to play alot in the far past. So, I would like to challange you write your own top 5 mame games list below in the comments. Cheers!

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