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Phils Game Music Phindings #15 The Bubble Ghost of Christophe's Future


Today's topic is the multi-platform game "Bubble Ghost", a multi platform game about a cute little ghost trying to escort a bubble out of a mansion that seems to be made entirely out of pointy things. It was designed by Christophe Andreani in 1987 and ported to Nintendo Gameboy in 1990.

The Gameboy soundtrack was one of the early works of Hitoshi Sakamoto of Final Fantasy Tactics and XII fame.

The game has only one background song during the regular part of the game which feels like an amalgamation of several other songs. I shall update this post whenever I identify something new, but for now this will be about the part starting at 0:55 of the link I used:

It feels for me as if this particular part is playing with the main theme of our favourite time-traveling movie, Back to the Future (1985):

I wonder if there are VG music alamanacs in the future I can steal...

Btw, I always wondered if the opening of the BGM may be a pun to the opening of the original Ghostbusters theme (1984) but maybe the divergence is too strong:




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