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The Magic of Roll20


Last night I ran my first Roll20 D&D game for Aura: After Darkfall.  I want to post a broadcast of it that I made but I did fail to take into account anyone watching the broadcast, including the PCs, can see shit they shouldn't.  Ooops.

So what did I think of roll20?  I am quite impressed with the interface and its versatility.  Character creation is a little out order from the hand book but not out of the realm of damn handy.  The page/map/storytelling capabilities of the site are amazing and combining it with scabard.com allows for a campaign reference handiness that I don't think I've ever experienced. 

The combat was a little awkward but that was two factors.  I wound up with an eight person party (HOLY SHIT!) but I needed that level of testing.  The other factor is just that none of us ever used it before but thanks to the EvilTedybear as tech support  the combats were a success; even if I damn near killed two party members on the inaugural night.  Yeah, skeletons can suck.  I didn't use much in the way of the set pieces but we had tokens for everyone and I drew the basic rooms/areas we were fighting in and that was enough for an almost four hour long game!

Universally I got the thumbs up so I'm pretty encouraged to keep up with Roll20 for remote games.

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