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Pony Express 2 Online is back up!


Yeah, I, the developer of pony express 2, took down the online version. I'm sorry. But it got broken. I don't know how, but hey! It's back up! I fixed some more minor bugs along with the major bugs stopping it from coming back online. And now it's better than ever. Now here's an explanation for those of you who would like one. Basicly, it's a platformer where you play as a horse, and you have to reach the end of a level. But it's more than that. There are enemies(that don't move) and when you run into them, your timer goes down. Oh, did I forget to say there is a timer? Yeah, there's 30 seconds on the clock. You lose when you fall off the map, or the timer reaches zero. Whenever you run into an enemy, you lose an extra second. But the thing is... These levels are way to big and have to much enemies to beat it within the timer. So, is this game impossible? No. You'll find horseshoes around the level, and you gain an extra second. If you get enough of these, and hit few enough bad guys, you can reach the end of the level. There are also bosses. The first one involves running away, the second you have to get it to hit itself with it's own rocks, the third you just have to last long, same with the fourth, except you have to hit an attack button, and the fifth boss(final boss) you have to get him to tear apart the building by getting him to shoot the support poles. Also, it has a multiplayer mode. You can use it by having one player grab the wasd keys, and the other using the usual arrows and space keys, and play a minigame where you try to collect the most mail. You can play it at https://gamingwithcalvin.com/

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