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What 2D metroid could be.


How the next 2D metroid could go Every other 2D metroid game has been on Zebes. First was The original metroid when you were going to destroy mother brain, then super metroid when Samus went back and blew up the planet, then Zero Mission, a remake of the original metroid game. There's only been 1 2d metroid since then however, leaving the next slot open. Now many of you are thinking: Well, since Zebes was destroyed in Super Metroid, the only option would be a Super Metroid Remake right? Wrong.

This is my personal idea, of the next mainline 2D metroid game, with the graphics and engine of Zero Mission. Metroid 5: Return to Zebes

It takes place directly after fusion(It includes the adam robot, but it still maintains non-linearity.) Your ship’s radar has picked up a ship coming from the space pirate homeworld. You land on the ship, and infiltrate it. Eventually, you reach the middle, and find a Delta Pirate(A space pirate, just really big.) You “beat” it, and then a cutscene plays. Your Arm Cannon is aimed at the Delta Pirate, and it looks hurt, suddenly, it recovers, and jumps on you, tearing away at you, you shoot open a hole in the ship, the Delta Pirate runs away, and the ship starts drifting off towards the sun, triggering a countdown escape sequence. You escape to your ship right before it burns up in the sun, but it seems the Delta Pirate removed your upgrades.

Adam finds out that the ships destination was set to go to where Zebes used to be. You go there, and find that Zebes has been rebuilt as a mechanical planet. You land in it’s synthetic atmosphere, and start the game. Adam doesn’t help guide you while your on Zebes to maintain the exploration aspect, so there's no linearity As you all know, The other Zebes games have it so you beat all the bosses, than go to a location, and beat the final boss. In this, it takes it to the next level. There are 2 main bosses that you use to get to final, but you also need to beat other bosses to get to THOSE bosses. You can beat the 2 big bosses in any order you want, and you can beat the bosses you need to fight those bosses in any order as well. The 2 main bosses are Ridley(of course), and Metroid Prime.

Before you fight them, you go to the original spot you get the morph ball. Right before you grab it, however, Arachnus, for Metroid 2 and Fusion, pops out, and the morph ball upgrade disappears. You beat him without any power ups, and he drops the morph ball. You get it, and leave. Where you would normally proceed through to get missiles, it’s blocked, instead showing a statue of ridley and prime.. But this time, to get to the other Brinstar opening, and the wrecked ship, you don’t need bombs. You need missiles. To get them, you go to the place you get the bombs in Super Metroid. But there’s no boss fight, because of Arachnus earlier.

Now here's where the paths split. Let’s look at Ridley, first, and head into Brinstar. (btw norfair and maridia are no longer connected) Ok, so for both paths, in the area, when you show up in the area that shows the bosses you have to beat, there are bombs, but they don’t show up if you already have them. Other powerups in this path include Power Bombs, Super Missiles, Speed Booster, Varia Suit, and Charge Beam. The bosses on the RIdley path are: Phantoon, Crocomire, Kraid, and Draygon(so the guys from super metroid basicly) These fights are similar to in super metroid, but change things up a bit. (locations: Kraid and crocomire are the same as in super metroid(though the varia suit is in a different location, and crocomire is a bit more, off to the side.) phantoon is where the golden torizo statue is, and Draygon is where it would normally connect with maridia) When you go back to the area with the statues of this area’s bosses(same place as torian’s entrance in Super) but instead of going to torian, it brings you to a new place in Norfair, where you fight ridley. But since this is a mechanical Space Station rebuilding of Zebes, so instead of regular ridley, it’s the ridley robot from Zero Mission but a bit harder. Except after you beat the him normally, instead of shutting down, it activates a jetpack, and then you have to beat him like THAT.

Then you go to metroid prime. And I know what your thinking: Metroid Prime is dead, and it can only appear in prime games. But since there are prime games without metroid prime (Hunters, Federation Force, and probably Prime 4) it’s probably ok to put prime in a non-prime game. So lets say the space pirates made some artificial phazon out of what was on phaze, and it spread onto the new zebes, infecting one of the metroids they cloned(I'll mention that later) creating a new metroid prime. This area, along with the bomb at the start, includes Ice Beam, Grapple Beam, Gravity Suit, Space Jump, and Plasma Beam. So here's what happens: You enter, go through a few rooms, then boom, an alpha metroid appears. A cutscene triggers before the fight, and it flashed back to the countdown scene, where it reveals that the Delta Pirate got some of your metroid DNA, used an escape pod to get to Zebes, and cloned it. Then you fight the alpha metroid.

This area has 4 bosses before Prime, and instead of phazon based enemies, it’s metroid based enemies. an Omega Metroid, a Super Metroid(they used the dna to make one, and used that one to clone more), a Queen Metroid, and a Phazon Metroid. Then you go fight Prime, but first you go through halls coated in phazon, to help you realize what is happening. Then you fight prime. It instantly infects your suit with Phazon however, and you have to fight while having the phazon. It’s basically the Metroid Prime fight in 2D. Then you get through “phaze” one (get it cus phazon) But this newly evolved metroid prime takes the phazon it just infected your suit with, and boom, phase 2, instead of metroid prime’s core, you fight DARK SAMUS. It’s basically the fight in echoes, but in 2D.

Time to rap things up. With the Ridley Robot (or as I call him: Mecha Ridley) and the new Metroid Prime down, it’s time to head into torian, kill the metroids in your way, and find… where you thought mother brain should be nothing. You pass the area, and end up in a room like the one you fought mother brain in during phase 2 of super metroid. Then, the roof breaks, open, and, a Samus Robot comes out. It’s like the dark samus or SA-X fight, but harder. She can only be damaged by Super Missiles or your Plasma Beam. After the fight is finished, you blow up the core of the rebuilt planet zebes, causing a countdown sequence. You escape the Planet, and it explodes.

Adam congratulates you for destroying the reconstructed planet. But before everyone can head to the nearest bar and get a wine, they are interrupted by a few shots fired by a hijacked space freighter, which was overrun with space pirates. Samus sneaks aboard using the eject pod, and infiltrates the freighter. She blows apart all the space pirates aboard, and finds a new mother brain. She almost blows mother brain up, but at the last second, again, mother brain used her giant robot body, which is now immune to your weapons, to fight back. This time, mother brain is a background boss, so she's not in your dimensional plane, meaning you can't fire at her. Out of options, you blow up every stability you can find, causing stuttering in the ship, and it caused mother brain to get hit with the shifting ship multiple times, once every time you blow up all the stabilities. After 5 hits, she gets blown apart, along with parts of the ship, causing an escape scene, as it is drifting into an asteroid belt. You backtrack through the entire ship, and escape in one of the escape pods just before it hits a rougue commit. MISSION COMPLETE!!! This is just my idea of a metroid 5, but who knows what they could make?

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