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Phils Game Music Findings #14 - Battletoads in Orwells World


Ah, the Battletoads. The game series about a set of space-traveling, butt-kicking, testosterone poisoned amphibians at a time when you could buy those without a recipe. When the 80s/90s antihero was in their full swing. When save features were unknown, health bars were meaningless and fairness was a thing for young female cats. According to many, the original game to the nutcacker song. And the first major series of legendary developer Rare before they became famous with the Donkey Kong Country and Banjo series. 

Btw for 2019, a brand new game has been announced:


The franchise has been blessed by the compositional talent of David Wise, veteran composer of DKC and Wizards & Warrios fame, who devised a flaming hard-rock soundtrack for five entries of the series. Nevertheless, Wise has cited many influences for his work, without being overly specific so far although his overall track record indicates a knack for 70s/80s hard and progressive rock.

Todays blog is about the fourth entry in the franchise, "Battletoads in Battlemaniacs", from 1993. The second stage called "The Hollow Tree" has a song with a rousing prog rock solo in its second half that presses one forward into the neverending darkness of the pit:

In 1984, the dutch progressive rock band "Golden Earring" had an, in my opinion, pretty comparable performance in a section of their song "Orwell's Year" from their N.E.W.S album, shortly after the middle mark:

Guess it truly is Orwell's year, at least for game composers.


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