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My Unrealistic Sony Wish List


As PlayStation moves into the future, some uncertainty still remains. Will the next PlayStation console live up to the success of the PlayStation 4? Will Sony slowly evolve toward app-based gaming, allowing you to play PlayStation games digitally on other devices? Most importantly, is streaming games really the future, and if so, how long is it until hardware and Internet infrastructure can provide stable game streaming?

Despite Sony's great success with the PS4, there are still a few things I want to see them integrate into the next console generation. Some of these items are not even remotely likely to happen, but I still put them on my wish list anyway. So with Sony’s next console already beginning to receive some press coverage, here are a few things that I would love to see from them in the coming future.

Further Development for Remote Play and Second Screen

While I am not one for mobile gaming, I will admit that I was excited about the addition of remote-play on iOS devices. While I would love to use this feature more, I can’t see myself actively playing console games using the touch screen on a tablet or a smart phone. If Sony added the ability to use the DualShock 4 on smart phones and tablets, that would be a whole different story. Given that the DualShock 4 is a Bluetooth device, there’s no reason why this couldn’t work.

As for Second Screen, I think this is a feature that has been way underutilized. The only game I used second screen for was Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Granted, the application was somewhat gimmicky, but it was still fun being able to view the in-game map on my tablet. This makes me wonder about the possibilities for Second Screen. Imagine playing Gran Turismo, and being able to use your phone or your tablet as a rearview mirror in order to see the cars behind you.

More Reasons to be on PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus subscribers offer consistent annual revenue to Sony. For this reason it’s time that Sony considers what else it can offer to its subscriber base.

I do appreciate being able to back-up my save files in cloud-storage, and the extra savings during game sales is also nice. Due to my ever-expanding backlog, I now buy fewer games than I used to, so the sales are less appealing to me than they once were.

Finally, there are the free game offerings, which have been very hit-or-miss over the years, so maybe it’s time to see what other features could be available to PS Plus subscribers. This brings me straight to my next topic.  

A digital PS3 emulator

If Sony announced that PS+ subscribers could access a PS3 emulator, I would probably keep my subscription for life. I’ve gathered a decent amount of PSOne and PS2 Classics. These are games that come from an era that I am very fond of, and I would like to able to play these games on my current generation PlayStation console. So when it became clear that these games would not be playable on the PS4, I started to lose faith in Sony.

While there has been confirmation that the next Sony console will be backwards compatible with the PS4, I find it highly unlikely that the PS3 is included in backwards compatibility. Still, one can dream, right?

A PSP/PS Vita Emulator that will allow me to play those games on my TV

It amazes me that Sony still sells PSP games on its digital store. Call me crazy, but this gives me faith in the future of handheld gaming on PlayStation. There’s also the fact that we’ve never had any confirmation about that mysterious handheld patent that Sony filed several years ago.

It’s amazing how things like the PlayStation Vita TV and the PSP Go sold poorly, but were later embraced by gamers. Too little too late, I suppose, but what’s important is that these two devices prove that Sony wants to let you play your handheld games on your TV. The PSP Go was compatible with a charging dock that could be plugged into your TV. Even the PSP model 2000 offered the ability to output to composite video. So why not take this a step further?

Given that PSP and PS Vita games are still sold digitally, I wish that Sony would offer players the ability to play these games on their upcoming console. I’d love to be able to play Killzone: Mercenary or the Star Wars: Battlefront PSP games on my TV.

Since I sold my Vita last year, this would also allow me to revisit some of those free Vita games I received over the years. Sometimes I really miss that little machine.

A Disc Drive that reads CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray

I was surprised the first time I popped a music CD into my PS4, only to find that nothing happened. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Why would I expect this machine to read CD-ROMs, a disc format that is now in the past? I suppose because Sony, in my memory, was the audio company first and the gaming company second. I used my original PlayStation as a CD player many times, so I do wish that I could use my PS4 to play some of my CDs.

Keeping in line with my wish for a digital PS3 emulator, a disc drive that could read CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray would not only let me play my PS1, PS2, and PS3, games, but also allow me to listen to my music CDs on my next console. I realize that this is impossibility. Sony has no interest in supporting media formats that are apart of the past.

It’s fun to dream sometimes, though.

Better integration of PlayStation Communities

I like the idea of PlayStation Communities, but using a controller to navigate a chat room is clunky and cumbersome

I do think it’s fascinating that players from any game are allowed to create chat rooms from their console, but there is still a barrier here. Having access to the PlayStation Communities from my desktop or laptop would be a wonderful feature. I would much rather use a keyboard and mouse to chat with other gamers. I also think that there is a lot of potential for PlayStation Communities, so I’d like to see this part of PlayStation flourish and grow.

Resurrection of past IPs

Any of my gamer friends who knew me back in the 90s will tell you how much I loved Syphon Filter. I was obsessed with this story-driven, actiony third-person shooter. I got so absorbed in Gabe Logan’s storyline, and I can say that this game solidified my love for third-person action games. By the release of the second game, Lian Xing and Theresa Lipan became two more of my favorite characters, and they helped create such an awesome team wrapped up in a dark, government conspiracy. It’s safe to say that with the recent release of Days Gone, former 989 Studio members have moved on to other territory. While we won’t likely see another entry in the Syphon Filter series, Sony owns the publishing rights to a number of other excellent games.

G-Police is another old favorite of mine, and it’s actually a game that I played on our home computer, so I was surprised to learn that Sony owns the publishing rights to the game. Fans of space flight games like Wing Commander would do well to give this game a shot, and anyone who appreciates a noir tale might also be interested in G-Police.

So here’s a list of games owned by Sony that I think greatly deserve a reboot, a re-master, or a sequel in the coming future:

The Order: 1886

Syphon Filter




Demon’s Souls


SOCOM: US Navy Seals

The Legend of Dragoon


Colony Wars

Jet Moto

Cool Boarders


Wild Arms


Do you guys share my passion for dreaming up unrealstic expections from the video game industry? Did I miss anything that Sony needs to focus on in the future? Let me know in the comments, as I would love to hear what you guys think! 

- Much love and happy gaming

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