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Phils Game Music Phindings #12 - Mega Man in the 26th century


Welcome to what is one of my largest entries to this date.

Todays topic is the song to the first Wily stage in the 1987 classic platformer "Mega Man" from Capcom:

The song concluded the game perfectly with its dense and gloomy athmosphere. It tells you "ok, stuff just got real. You know you're doomed, but there is no way back".  It urges the player to push forward, against all odds, through the worst traps the previous stages had to offer and mooks that the robot masters were jokes against for the inevitable showdown with the ever-elusive Dr. Wily. And you had to, because there was no password system yet and you definitively didn't want shut off the console just to face Elec Man again the next day (as if you had a choice).

Over the time, several people suspected, that the song was in fact inspired by the Zager and Evans song "In the year 2525" from 1968:

However, components of the song have many similarities in other classic rock metal songs like the Black Sabbath song "The Straightener" (1972) whose main riff is very reminiscent of the opening 5-Note sample of Wily Stage 1:

The sample has an intermezzo in Grand Funk Railroads "I come tumblin'", also from 1972:

Or Alcatrazz "Jet to Jet" (1986) that has returning reminiscent samples. The song sounds overall very Megamany for my tastes (the Baroque Metal style likely has to do with it):

Or french electronic music Band Space from their 1977 song "Air Force":

For the rest of the song we have the song "The Pintor" (1963) from the surfer rock/jazz band "The Pharaos" which (at least according to the Youtube poster) was inspiring to Ennio Morricone of Dollar trilogy fame:

Or the song "Mexican Space" from "The Stratospheric Band" (1977):

And of course, The Supremes have to get in on the bout with their 1972 hit "Automatically Sunshine":

And Triumph with their song "Hard Road" form 1980:

Btw this song feels like a remix of the Robot Masters boss fight theme, right?

Puh, this leaves me exhausted! Phil out!

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