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PhilsPhindings #11 Vecchio come il fugue



originally this was going to be an article about the usage of Bachs Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 ( ca. 1704 ) in video game soundtracks:

Then I realized listings like this had been generated to death since the beginning of the web. Like this one:


In order to save time and dignity I will thus confine myself to some high profile games that are not yet on this list (as of February 23th, 2019).

The first is the Mickey Mania version for PSX from 1996 and their Lonesome Ghosts segment where it appears briefly in the background:

Then of course the infamous Mega Drive / Genesis version of the legandary Mac platformer Dark Castle where its pretty much the only song in the soundtrack (1991):

Or the Night on Bald Mountain level of the equally infamous Fantasia for the same console ( 1991 ):

For the DOS/Windows users that actually care about the rest of the song, Quest for Glory IV (1993) will help your ambitions:

Finally we have the third entry of the legendary Mother series on the Gameboy Advance platform (2006) where it is part of a mashup of several classic songs:

Now where do I put that dead horse?

Phil out

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