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Shog Fox 64-3D-BoB


I’m disappointed in Nintendo for not including an activity log application onto the Nintendo Switch. If you look at your profile, you can see the last twenty applications you’ve used and, if you first used that application more than a week (or possibly ten days) prior to today’s date, you’re given an approximate time that you’ve spent in that app, rounded up to the nearest hour (if you’ve used it for fewer than 10 hours, after that I think it goes in five hour increments). An activity log probably isn’t in high demand but it’s something that I still like consulting from time to time to see just how much time I’ve spent on a given game. This past month for example, I picked up Star Fox 64 3D and according to my activity log, I’ve put two hours and twenty-three minutes into that game. Not counting idol time and unskippable cutscenes (like the end credits), I can take an educated guess and say it only took me about an hour and ten minutes to beat Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D mode.

Image result for star fox 643D
(Furries! In! Space!!!)

The first time I played Star Fox 64 was Christmas of 1997, it was one of three games I got along with my Nintendo 64 and the first that I played that night. The other two games I got that night were the first Turok and Cruisin’ USA. Star Fox was also the first of those three that I ‘beat’, making it to Venom and shooting down Andross in only about an hour. It was clear that I hadn’t truly beaten the game that first time around and I recall continuing to play around with Star Fox, trying to figure out how to unlock those other paths to get to those other planets presented to me on the star map. While I’m sure there was a time when I actually did visit all of the levels, I can’t say I’ve ever completely beaten Star Fox 64 though since, even today, I’ve never been able to unlock all of the medals.


For me, Star Fox 64 is just a casual arcade experience. It’s a game that I can run through from Corneria to Venom in about an hour that seldom gives me much trouble. The 3DS version plays exactly how I remember the N64 version playing but everything looks much more detailed and the frame rate seems to be much higher too, which makes an already quick game feel much faster. The one thing I have against the 3DS version of Star Fox 64 is the inclusion of gyro controls. When I noticed the menu screens moving as I moved the 3DS, it worried me but before even starting the game you’re given the choice of using gyro controls. Nintendo giving me the option to use a control feature was a pleasant surprise and I couldn’t hit ‘no’ quickly enough. The 3D effects in Star Fox 64 3D looked good enough that for the first time in a long time,I spent a majority of gametime with the 3D slider turned up.


I don’t really know what else there is to be said about Star Fox 64. It’s a simple rail shooter that Nintendo used to show off just how powerful the Super Nintendo was then they just kept remaking it. It’s a simple game that rewards mastery by unlocking more difficult levels if you’ve proven you can handle the challenge. This is a game that I can blow through in an hour and feel satisfied with but a game that I could spend many hours on if I ever feel a need for more of a challenge. I’m usually satisfied going through once though...short and sweet.

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