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Phils Phindings #10 Everybody's gone home, so let's burn some bridges together


So it's a Sonic again, but this time the Master System/Game Gear version instead of the 16 bit counterpart. They were not developed by Sonic Team, but by the external developer Ancient Corp. (who surprisingly still exists).

The thing that surprised a lot of people the most was when they found out that this game does not have many similarities with the Mega Drive / Genesis game at all, be it from the level design or the music in the zones.

This also goes for the music of the new level bridge zone, a song that often stands in the focus of video game music similarity discussions:

It has been mentioned by many people that Janet Jacksons Song "Together Again" reminds them strongly of this tune:

"But Phil! Together again is from 1997 while Sonic is from 1991! It's the tenth entry and you are already breaking your rules!!!" Well, you can imagine that if I'm posting this then this is not yet the end of the line. But sometimes I just like diving into history. ;) Nevertheless it is a funny connection if you consider that Michael Jackson supposedly contributed to the soundtrack of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 on Mega Drive.

Others have found similarities in the title song of the sitcom Full House (1987 - 1995):

Well, the timeframe is about right although there is some overlapping. So did a tv and a video game composer revolutionize dance music for the end of the cold war?

I would like to use the opportunity to throw some more songs in the ring. None of these is what I would consider a perfect match, but they definitively share a feeling with the songs already known.

The first contender is the swedish band "Bamboo" with their 1968 song "Everybody's gone home":

Then we have the american R&B band "Timex Social Club" who were best known in the day for their 1986 song "Rumors". They also had another single "Mixed-Up World" which reached the R&B Top 20:

My personal favourite on this list when it comes to closeness is, of all things, from a welsh musician named "Maldwin Pope" (today known as Mal Pope) and his 1976 song "When you're away":

I want to remark on the coincidence of the counterpartism of the two song titles ( Together Again vs. When You're Away ). Guess its a melody about separation after all.

Separating for now.



Edit 21.02.2019:

I want to add this thanks @ youtube comments!

- https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/PhilsPhindings/ https://www.reddit.com/user/PhilsPhindings

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