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**** official release dates! Who needs "Super Mario Galaxy" if you got the DAAAAAAAAAAH?


One of the local stores here (called Müller) not only had Super Mario Galaxy one day before the official release date (which is tomorrow) but it was the only store here that got the most epic (mini)game(collection) ever made. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It has finally arrived. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 is now available!

I just came back home, put Mario Galaxy into my shelf and started the new Rabbids game. It has a great intro with some very funny scenes and the game itself is just a lot of fun. Seriously!

But I have already something to complain about. The new shooting levels are... A bit strange. The pre-rendered backgrounds (or even real life clips, I don't know) look nice but the comic-like rabbids seem to be a bit out of place. And I think the aiming was more precise in the first game.

Anyway, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 makes a good first impression. The humor, the rabbids, the minigames... It is a fun game. Also, you don't have to type in ridiculous long passwords to get your scores online. Viva la WiFi Connection!
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