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Combine now using sound weapons

You many remember my previous post on how the combine were already in Georgia. Now they have started to use sound weapons against riots. Soon it comes to genetically modifying people to be better soldiers...


Here's the whole thing

As regular readers of the DANGER ROOM know, we receive many letters from people who want us to investigate reports of exotic new weaponry being used on civilians. Such claims usually emerge because the writer has read about some new pain ray on DANGER ROOM, and believes it is responsible for something they've experienced. In many cases, the writer is simply mistaken.

That brings me to today. I received a note half in English, half in Russian, pointing me to videos on You Tube, wanting to know if it's possible that the Active Denial System, the Pentagon's nonlethal heat beam, could have been used on protesters during recent opposition demonstrations in Tbilisi, Georgia.

"Yeahhhhhh, right," I thought to myself. The U.S. military hasn't even managed to get the Active Denial System deployed to Iraq, so it's not very likely that it's being used in Georgia.

Then I watched the video. Shortly after minute three, I see it: No, it's not the Active Denial System, but it is another nonlethal weapon. And it looks a heck of a lot like the Long Range Acoustic Device (or at least a knockoff), a device that emits a focused sound beam to drive people back.

There's more footage here showing the acoustic weapon (along with a water cannon) at work. For supporters of nonlethal weaponry, having the devices used against peaceful protesters is the worst sort of PR.


It's worth noting here -- as one commenter already has -- that official Russia likes this story, as it reinforces a particular conviction that the various revolutions -- orange, rose and all the other varieties -- lead to anarchy. A more objective lesson, however, may be that even democratically elected governments can resort to excessive force.

/me grabs shotgun and HEV suit
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