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The Contest Log: Grand Opening Edition


After I put together a list of contests last week I got to thinking that it might be something that deserves a weekly update and because I’m such a nice guy I’ve decided to try and put one out every Wednesday evening. Aside from coming up with a better name I’ve also stuck the current Destructoid contests in here for the sake of completeness and will put contests announced in previous entries that haven’t ended yet at the bottom. I’d also like to add a section in future updates for contests community bloggers are running and although I’m going to start trying to keep my eyes open for them you can always PM me a link to your blog entry to make sure it gets added.

I’m still experimenting with the format so if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. Also, if there are any other cool (videogame related) contests going on that you know about feel free to let us know in the comments.

New Contests:
50,000 Microsoft Points – VUgames – Sweepstakes, you only need to enter once as it saves your entry until you win. Ends November 1st 2008. (thanks Corncobtacular!)

Various Xbox 360 prizes – xbox360xmts – To be entered in the sweepstakes you need to track down words with green X’s across various websites (like Destructoid!), each solved word gets you one entry in the daily drawing. Ends December 10th.

Mystery “goodie package”, games, t-shirts and random swag are suggested possible prizes. – GamePolitics – Banner design contest. Ends December 1st.

Copy of Heroes of Mana and a themed DS pouch – CVG – Answer a question to be entered in the sweepstakes, only open to UK residents and you need to register with the site to enter. Ends November 19th.

Another chance to win a copy of Heroes of Mana and a themed DS pouch – EuroGamer – Sweepstakes, though you need to answer their really easy question to enter. Only open to European and PAL territory residents and you need to register with the site to enter. Ends November 20th.

Nintendo DS, Bleach: Blade of Fate, Bleach DVD box set, poster – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes. Ends December 30th.

Custom painted Empire Earth III themed PC, copy of Empire Earth III – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes. Ends December 21st.

Two VIP tickets to the 36 Hours of Music headliner event, 47” Westinghouse LCD TV, a copy of Guitar Hero III and a Gibson guitar – GamesRadar – Guitar Hero III contest at the 36 Hours of Keystone event in Keystone Colorado. Takes place November 31st-December 1st.

Ramptech 2’ Quarter Pipe Ramp, Xbox 360, a copy of Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes, though you have to answer some lame skateboarder related questions to get to it. Ends November 30th.

Custom painted World in Conflict themed PC and Xbox 360, copies of World in Conflict for the PC and 360 – GamesRadar – Sweepstakes. Ends November 15th.

Blackbird gaming PC, game wishlist – GamesRadar – For the PC you only need to fill out the form, but for a chance to win your gaming wish list you need to post it on their forum. Ends November 15th.

DS Lite and a copy of Lifesigns: Surgical Unit – Lifesigns-Game – A create your own manga contest. Ends December 16th.

Dell XPS 720 gaming PC, copy of The Witcher and various Witcher-themed accessories – 1up – Sweepstakes. Ends December 10th.

iBuyPower NZXT water-cooled gaming PC – 1up – Sweepstakes. Ends December 31st.

Xbox 360, copy of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, FlatOut Roadside Demolition Kits and Tire Shaped CD Case – 1up – Sweepstakes, though you have to send someone a FlatOut themed e-card to be able to enter. Ends December 3rd.

DS Lite and a copy of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trial and Tribulations – 1up - Sweepstakes, also an option trial thingy you can participate in. Ends February 1st.

Copies of Heroes of Mana, Front Mission, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions – ShackNews – Photoshop contest, combine your favorite videogame personality with another “notable” license. Ends November 17th.

copy of Earth Defense Force: 2017, 360 play and charge kit, CounterAgent t-shirt, 2 CounterAgent stickers, one GameFuel and Jolt Energy Gum - CounterAgent - Random drawing, you need to register with the site to enter. There isn't a set cut-off date, it'll just end when they have "enough" entries. (thanks Lemon!)

Destructoid Contests:
A chance to win various assortments of gaming swag David has picked up during his time here at Destructoid. – Photoshop contest. Ends November 25th.

Six copies of Last Hope up for grabs, a new Dreamcast game developed by Redspot Games – Poem writing contest, any format. Ends November 18th.

Old Contests:
Custom painted Conan-themed Xbox 360 – GamesRadar – sweepstakes. Ends December 16th.

Xbox 360 Elite, an Ace Combat 6 flightstick bundle and a $100 giftcard to KFC (?) – GamesRadar – sweepstakes. Ends November 30th.

There you go guys, good luck!
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