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Wii or EeePC?

Games that interest me so far on the Wii are Res Evil 4 (not played any version of it yet, might as well make it the new-fangled one), Paper/Super Paper Mario, Metroid Prime Corruption. Maybe Battalion Wars, and very very faded Maybe Mario Galaxy (as i'm not a fan of the Italian.)

But EeePC means really cool posing in Starbucks. "look at me, i have a micro sized laptop, a beret, and an over-expensive mug of mud! I'm deep and meaningful like a rock!". NO. But it does mean i've got something that's less PDA and more Laptop, for holidays and the like. I bought the PDA (Axim 50v) so that i've got something to take on holiday, to transfer and save pictures throughout the day and then email them home for storage. However it's a little fiddly with that titchy-tiny screen and a twig-like stylus that just begs to be snapped in half while doing a Hulk impression. This is a titchy-tiny Laptop with miniature baby keys that i'll need a dialling stick for.

Wii or EeePC?

MAKE MY DECISION FOR ME! (many thanks)
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